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The Brothers Sun - Michelle Yeoh speaks about challenges of acing a crime boss mama

The Oscar-winning actress opened up about her upcoming family crime thriller on Netflix, and compared the action scenes with Buster Keaton. Check out her behind-the-scenes narrative

The Brothers Sun - Michelle Yeoh speaks about challenges of acing a crime boss mama

Michelle Yeoh in a still from The Brothers Sun

Last Updated: 12.21 PM, Dec 31, 2023


Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated action-thriller, the Brothers Sun team is gearing up for the promotions. The Oscar-winning actress, Michelle Yeoh, recently opened up about her new crime thriller and compared the high-octane action scenes with Buster Keaton. She further delved into the challenges and thrill of shooting the action sequences with a perfect blend of humor and crime.

The fascination about the action-violence

In a candid conversation with Collider, Michelle Yeoh spoke in length about the fighting sequences and the intriguing experience of switching into the shoes of a crime family matriarch.

When asked about the thing that drew her to this family drama with a unique action take, the actress expressed enthusiasm to be a part of it. She even referenced a bit about the dramatic fight scene and said, “Who runs around being chased by seven brutes, and then you get to fight them off, and [knock them] out the window. So I find that very challenging. Physically and mentally very challenging.”

She further said that the incredible action choreography and the intricate family drama give it an edge and lauded the cast as well as the stunt team for acing the scenes with the humor spark. Comparing the stark similarity between Jack and Buster Keaton, the actress added, “So it's almost like a Buster Keaton, Jackie Chan thing that we love and we've seen, but not in this context before, and then kicking it up a few notches where we have heads and body parts flying around.”


The Brothers Sun is unique because...

Further discussing the craft and plot, the 61-year-old actress explained the unique selling points of The Brothers Sun and what makes it special for OTT viewers. She overviewed it with a hearty tale of an immigrant mother with difficult life choices and a family sticking to each other with love, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

“At the end of the day they got to Los Angeles, and now the world literally erupts in chaos, and violence, and body parts, it's also coming to terms with “we have to deal with it as a family, we have to learn to love each other, sacrifice for each other, but most importantly forgive each other,” Everything Everywhere All at Once actress revealed.

The Crazy Rich Asians' actress also hinted that her next big project, Star Trek Section 31, is in its pre-production stage and prepping with full stream.

About The Brothers Sun

In this thriller, a family’s life turns upside down when a mob boss targets the mother and younger son, while the elder son and skilled assassin embark on the journey to protect his family from the criminal mafia. It also stars Justin Chien and Sam Li in pivotal roles.

The drama is slated for a January 4 release on Netflix.

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