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Mithai: The show is trolled on social media after a major makeover

Uchhe Babu turns into a police officer from being a confectioner

Mithai: The show is trolled on social media after a major makeover
A scene from the old Mithai
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.03 PM, Nov 15, 2022


The makers of Mithai – once a popular TV serial on Zee Bangla – are leaving no stone unturned to revive the serial. After leading the TRP chart for months, the show saw a downfall for a few months. It lost its prime time and now the new time of the show is at 6 pm. 

Along with the change in time, there has also been a huge change in the plot of Mithai. The serial’s story leaps over a few years. Mithai the protagonist is dead. The residents of Manohora – the house of Mithai and her Modak family – are coping with her absence. Meanwhile, Mithai and Uchhe Babu’s son Sakya’s naughtiness keeps the Modak family busy. Along with many changes after Mithai’s death, the makers of the serial have also changed the profession of Uchhe Babu. He turns into a police officer from being a confectioner. The looks of several characters, including Nipa, also got changed.

Soumitrisha – the lead actress in the serial – re-enters the serial as Mithi. Are they the same person, twins, or completely different people? A lot of analyses about the serial is going on in social media. In fact, the serial is being brutally trolled for some of the changes. 

First, Mithai fans are at wit's end to see Uchhe Babu, aka Siddhartha, turning into a police officer from a confectioner – a job he chose after leaving his corporate career. It is said that Siddhartha joined the police to punish Mithai’s murderers. That surprised many. Someone wrote, “From a corporate job to confectioner, then rockstar, then again confectioner, and now police officer – it looks a lot like the evolution of human civilisation!” Once the television fans questioned the logic of Fuljhuri turning into a singer overnight. Now they are questioning Ucche Babu’s professional transformation. 

That is not all. Mithi’s opening scene is also being trolled by the fans. Mithi, who hails from a hill station, is first seen in front of a snow-capped mountain. Evidently, it was shot on a chroma screen and then graphic designers installed the mountain digitally. Due to its low-quality work, the mountains look tacky. Someone wrote, “They showed us a cheap Kanchanjangha. Zee uncle has no money.” Someone else said, “This looks like a pure cartoon.” 

The audience also complained that Srinipa and Srinanda look overtly old. Mithai's age has been reduced and the others became older. Mithi's character has been made very much like the character of Geet in Jab We Met, at least, the first glimpse says so. She enters Manohara to be the teacher of Sakya. The Modak family is taken aback to see Mithi who is a lookalike of Mithai. Will there be a twist in the story? Only time will tell.