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Moments from Netflix’s series You that send chills down our spine

Joe’s delusional idea of love is not ideal, but it certainly has led to some truly disturbing shell shockers, guaranteed to chill you to your core and more importantly, make for really good TV.

Shilpa S
Sep 04, 2021
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Hey you. One would not think that an obsessed, vile stalker is exactly leading man material, but You proves that wrong. Based on a series of books by Caroline Kepnes, the Netflix psychologically disturbing drama not only keeps viewers at the edge of their seats in each episode, but it also makes people develop a disturbingly strange affinity towards Joe Goldberg, the toxic and murderous protagonist.

As the unhinged stalker is back to his twisted old ways in the upcoming third season of You, which will premiere on October 15, let's take a look back at some of the show’s most shocking moments that leave us dumbfounded, but not enough to make us stop binging the hit show. Be warned these are not for the faint-hearted.

1. Joe using a latte as his weapon of choice

(Episode:The Last Nice Guy in New York)


You’s first and second episodes gives viewers a taste of how far Joe Goldberg can go in the name of ‘love’, and the answer is; too far, way too far. After assaulting and imprisoning his beloved’s (for lack of a better word for stalker's victim) boyfriend Benji, Joe justifies it by saying that he did it to ‘help’ Beck. And of course, Benji’s pleas and his berating Beck in the hopes that Joe would let him go, seals his fate, though not in the way the poor man imagines. After locking the man in an underground storage unit for days, there was a moment when it seemed that the charming stalker might take pity on his prisoner. But as Joe gives a chilling monologue, Benji collapses after drinking a latte with peanut butter that he gets him, knowing about Benji’s allergy to the nuts. And thus begins, Joe’s spree of shocking murders.

2. Peach’s miraculous escape, until Joe catches up with her

(Episode: Living with the Enemy and Amour Fou)


Beck’s wealthy friend Peach, perspective as ever, had a target on her back ever since she voiced her suspicions about Joe. Seeing her as a threat and someone to stand in the way of his delusions about a happy relationship with Beck, he puts his stalking skills to good use yet again on Peach. Following her on her morning jogging route, he seems to surprise even himself as he hits Peach on the head with a rock. But that's not how her story ends. In the subsequent episode, we see the resilient Peach alive and well, albeit a bit shaken. Sadly Joe finishes the gruesome job, this time for good, as he shoots her in her mansion, framing it as a suicide.

3. Beck’s attempted escape

(Episode: Bluebeard's Castle)


If the episode preceding the first season’s finale was full of tense moments, this one is bound to leave it far, far behind. After Beck discovers Joe’s dark secret(s), he locks her up in the storage unit. As a delusional Joe tries to justify his actions by telling her about his traumatic past, Beck seems to understand, even telling him a way they could escape the situation by blaming it all on Dr Nicky, her therapist, through a tell-all book she wrote. As a grateful Joe kisses her, she stabs him, locks him up and calls out to young Paco to let her go. But she seems to have the worst luck, as not only does Paco forsake her, Joe escapes using a hidden key and kills her, in the end framing Dr Nicky for everything, keeping his hands squeaky clean.

4. Joe turning someone into mince-meat, literally

(Episode: Just the Tip)


The return of Joe’s ex Candace promised some thrilling moments in the show’s second season, but nothing could have prepared viewers for the gore, Joe had in store for his first victim of the season. When a hostile debt collector named Jasper demands money from Joe who lives under a new identity, he decides to make use of his murderous skill set to save him a buck or two. Not only does he murder Jasper, but he disposes of the body in a way that is equal parts creative and equal parts unhinged, by cutting it into pieces and putting it through a meat grinder. A montage of the same, where cooking scenes are interspersed with the gruesome disposal, just adds to the chill and might make you wanna puke.

5. Forty figuring out that ‘the boyfriend’ killed Beth, and how

(Episode: Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills)


Love’s annoying twin brother Forty proves he is more than a pretty face in this episode, after he comes on the verge of figuring out Joe’s closely guarded secret. After locking himself and Joe in a hotel room in a bid to write a film script based on Beck’s book (from season one’s finale), a drug addled Forty has a stroke of genius and rightfully figures out that Beck’s ex-boyfriend was responsible for her murder. As if that wasn't enough to raise tensions, the way he deduces it is even more of a shocker. Forty reveals to a sweaty Joe that his (Forty’s) story was similar; he had murdered his old au pair he had been in a relationship with.

6. Joe meeting his match in the equally deranged Love

(Episode: P.I. Joe and Love, Actually)


The final two episodes give way to an unpredictable twist that not only catches viewers by surprise, but also Joe. When Candace reveals the truth about Joe to Love, the former is rewarded with a slash to the throat by the latter. A series of confessions by Love reveal that she is as, if not more, deranged than Joe. Not only did she kill Candace, but also Delilah and Forty’s au pair. This ghastly confession is followed by a profession of Love that catches Joe off guard. But it does not end there. She also lets out that she is pregnant with Joe’s child, leaving him to reconsider murdering her then and there.

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