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Monarch Legacy of Monsters: Netizens dig show’s human drama and Titans

AppleTV+'s new show about the Titans that have roamed earth has, by and large, begun with positive feedback from audiences

Monarch Legacy of Monsters: Netizens dig show’s human drama and Titans
A still from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Last Updated: 09.12 PM, Nov 18, 2023


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is off to a good start, what with its core audience, MonsterVerse fans, absolutely buying into the thriller meets disaster movie vibe it has. With a timeline spread across several decades, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters revolves around the earliest sightings of Titans on earth and the mysterious organisation that is tracking and studying them – Monarch. Two episodes of a total of 10 are currently available to stream on AppleTV+ and if the initial comments about the show on social media are anything to go by, fans are already hooked to the engaging story, the human drama, monsters and, most importantly, the massive production values.

Comments about the show ranged from, “The series is an absolute triumph, seamlessly blending elements of fantasy, suspense, and drama to create a viewing experience that is nothing short of extraordinary” to “The quality of the show is amazing. Just what is their working budget?”, “the first 2 episodes of #MonarchLegacyofMonsters are really good. character driven and exploring more about the origins of the monsters. Screenplay 🔥👌🏻. must watch for the fans of monsterverse”, “The quality, production value and cinematography is off the charts”, “From someone who’s not into the MonsterVerse at all, the first two episodes of #Monarch hooked me like no other. A gripping buildup full of intrigue and mystery. Excited for what’s next!”, “ #Monarch is actually good as hell so far, I didn’t expect to be attached to a story where Godzilla wasn’t directly at the center of it, but I’m finding myself super invested in the characters and what’ll happen next. I needed a new weekly binge besides Invincible so I’m happy.”

While the show’s non-linear narrative across different time periods did not appeal to some audiences, the fact that the showrunners also kept visuals of their biggest selling point, Godzilla, to a minimum in the two episodes that are out now, was also seen as a downer. Despite some negative feedback, there is no denying that the show is off to a monstrous start. It remains to be seen if the makers live up to this initial hype and deliver an engaging story after all. Next week onward, there will be single episode drops every Friday, until the finale on January 12.

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