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Money Heist: Korea Part 2 exclusive clip: It could even give the original a run for its money!

TUDUM Korea 2022 was a fun-filled event where unseen footages, exclusive clips and major announcements were made.

Money Heist: Korea Part 2 exclusive clip: It could even give the original a run for its money!
A still from the show
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.15 PM, Sep 25, 2022


The Korean version of the global fan event saw some much-awaited announcements being made and unseen clips from the Emmy-winning international smash hit, Squid Game.

Netflix’s global fan event, TUDUM 2022, in its Korean version, introduced some highly anticipated Squid Game unseen clips along with releasing teasers from Money Heist: Korea and Hellbound Season 2.

Netflix’s global fanfare event, TUDUM, is one annual extravaganza that fans of the streaming giant, and all the show and web movies that they offer, wait for all year long.

Additionally, Money Heist – Joint Economic Area shared a first-look clip of pertaining to the second six episodes of the first season that they will be streaming soon. and Tudum-goers were treated to a first-look clip. As a fresh take on the fan-favorite Spanish series, the first part of Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area captured the magic of the original while giving audiences a flavor of a heist that is uniquely Korean - from the backdrop of the series set in a world where the two Koreas are close to reunification, to the Hahoe masks that date back to the 12th century. Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area will soon make its comeback with more exciting action and secrets to be uncovered - catch a glimpse of this heart-pounding chase scene in Part 2.

According to the official synopsis, Money Heist – Joint Economic Area comprises “a genius strategist and his talented crew composed of top-class thieves attempting to pull off an unprecedented heist in the Korean Peninsula. The story portrays unexpected twists and turns as the crew stage a hostage while facing inexplicable challenges. All eyes are focused on the background and definition behind the title Joint Economic Area.”