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Monkey Man trailer Twitter review - Dev Patel becomes the internet sensation within 24 hours, ‘This is what I expect cinemas…’

Universal Pictures and Jordan Peele dropped the trailer of Dev Patel’s directorial debut, and it took the internet on fire within 24 hours

Monkey Man trailer Twitter review - Dev Patel becomes the internet sensation within 24 hours, ‘This is what I expect cinemas…’

Dev Patel from Monkey Man

Last Updated: 09.41 PM, Jan 27, 2024


Slumdog Millionaire's explosive arrival in 2008 marked not just Dev Patel's debut, but a cinematic phenomenon. Critics and audiences alike were swept away by the film's vibrant energy and Patel's powerful performance as Jamal. The movie's triumph culminated in a stunning haul of seven Oscars at the 81st Academy Awards in 2009, solidifying its place in film history and launching Patel's career to extreme heights.

Dev Patel's directorial debut

Sixteen years after conquering the screen, the 33-year-old actor is leaping behind the camera for his directorial debut - Monkey Man. The high-octane trailer, released by Universal Pictures and comedy king Jordan Peele on January 26, ignited the internet like a wildfire. Racking up over 3 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours and sparking a social media frenzy, Monkey Man has officially become one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Twitter reviews

While one Twitter user wrote, "Dev Patel just put the Infinity gauntlet on and said eff it, I'm done waiting. Sometimes you just need to create opportunities for yourself”, another wrote, “This is what I expect cinemas to look like when MONKEY MAN is playing.”

Another user highlighted the actor’s immense training by saying, “Dev Patel has spent years trying to be an action star and showcase his karate training to the point he just decided to write and direct his own action flick. Good for him.”

While remember the golden age, another user wrote, Before encountering a more 'artistic' side of cinema, there was a time I used to be so pumped up for the routine action stuff Hollywood did..No world changing. storytelling; No universes; Just pure standalone, entertainers..#MonkeyMan is exactly taking me back to that time.”

Monkey Man story

Monkey Man tells a story about a man, who just got out of jail, and is all ready to fight for his existence. But the outside world is messed up. Big companies are greedy and not nice anymore, and people don't care about what's right, and do their own things no matter what. This guy now wants to take revenge from the people who ruined his life years ago, and he's leaving no stone to get all raw and barbaric.

Monkey Man release date

Initially slated for an OTT release, Monkey Man took an unexpected turn after Jordan Peele caught the trailer. Impressed by what he watched, Peele urged the makers to reconsider and bring the film to theaters. Recognizing the potential for a wider audience, the makers readily agreed, and now the action-thriller is set for a theatrical release on April 5, 2024.

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