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Month of Madhu: Where Swathi Reddy is the perfect ambassador of self love

Naveen Chandra, Shreya Navile played other key roles in the Srikanth Nagothi directorial

Month of Madhu: Where Swathi Reddy is the perfect ambassador of self love
Swathi Reddy

Last Updated: 10.36 PM, Oct 25, 2023


Month of Madhu, the relationship drama starring Naveen Chandra, Swathi Reddy, Shreya Navile, directed by Srikanth Nagothi, opened to decent responses from critics and audiences upon its theatrical release on October 6. The film was truly a breath of fresh air in terms of its writing, measured performances, while the cinematography and music further enhanced its impact.

The film revolves around two Madhus - Madhusudan Rao and Madhumathi. While one of them is pessimistic about love after a troubled marriage, the other is curious about finding love. Lekha, the ex-wife of the former, is happy being herself living life on own terms, without having to subscribe to societal norms. Srikanth Nagothi charts their journeys with appreciable sensitivity.


While the story, on paper, maybe about the Madhus, it’s Lekha that truly reflects Srikanth Nagothi’s maturity as a writer. Lekha is not bitter about her past, accepts that she had given her best to the marriage and realises she had no option but to walk out of it. Despite repeated attempts from her near and dear, she doesn’t antagonise Madhu and is ready to wait until he agrees to the divorce.

Even after the marriage is over, Lekha doesn’t seek a man’s companionship to complete her. She is cheery, understands how she was wrong about placing someone above her and finds happiness within herself. She uses the ‘me’ time with child-like happiness to heal her wounds - pampering herself with a movie, buying herself a saree, sauntering by the beach and living life in the present.

Swathi Reddy, in her beautifully understated portrayal, mirrors Lekha’s thoughts with little gestures, choosing the right project to showcase her evolution as a performer. One hopes that filmmakers, through Month of Madhu, realise better about the untapped potential within the actress. The elegance was also evident in another recent performance, the criminally underrated Panchatanthram.

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