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Moving in with Malaika: Amrita Arora calls out Malaika Arora for 'throwing her under the bus' during her stand-up

Amrita Arora and Arhaan Khan made appearances in the latest episode of Moving in with Malaika.

Moving in with Malaika: Amrita Arora calls out Malaika Arora for 'throwing her under the bus' during her stand-up
Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora (Courtesy: Amrita Arora/Instagram)

Last Updated: 10.17 AM, Dec 20, 2022


Malaika Arora was criticised by her sister, Amrita Arora, for not being a little more thoughtful about the jokes she made about her when performing stand-up comedy recently. The most recent episode of Moving in with Malaika featured a lunch visit from Amrita, their mother Joyce Polycarp, and Malaika's son Arhaan Khan. Amrita and Arhaan made fun of one another as they reunited and had lunch together.

During her visit, Amrita told Malaika that she didn't say anything that day and that the stand-up could have been a little more tactful with the constant jokes she told about her. Amrita also said that Malaika could have just contacted her and asked if she was cool with her wearing large-sized clothing and indirectly done nothing.

The younger sister further questioned if Malaika can put anyone under the bus, and she intervened by explaining that's how a stand-up happens. The Girlfriend actor added that she can think of five times when her elder sister did that. Although Malaika's stand-up was fantastic and she was great, and everyone else was too, Malaika gave her the space to reflect, and she gave it all time to sink in since Amrita last saw Malaika at the lunch they had during the episode. She just thinks there are some things one really needs to ask people about and consult them on.

Amrita went on to say that, while she appreciated it and was open to any jokes that landed, she thought it was a little over the top. She then walked and sat down on the couch once she finished her lunch, and Arhaan followed her. Later, Malaika joined them and consoled Amrita as they hugged.

Malaika mentioned Amrita in a recent show while performing, saying that her sister is the fun one and she is the pretty one. She also said that while she is doing stand-up, her little sister has a wealthy spouse.

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