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Murder Mubarak- Here are five reasons to watch the Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan whodunnit thriller!

The Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia starrer Murder Mubarak is all set to have its grand premiere on Netflix on March 15

Murder Mubarak- Here are five reasons to watch the Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan whodunnit thriller!
reasons to watch Murder Mubarak

Last Updated: 05.44 PM, Mar 12, 2024


It’s always said, ‘What’s in a name’! Well… if the name is catchy enough, then, everything is in the name itself! The same strategy seems to be working in the case of this week’s upcoming release which has been titled Murder Mubarak. There are many things that a mere title lands up revealing. But, not this one at all! 


Who can think of what the premise could be when the title of the series itself says, ‘Murder Mubarak’, which is all set to premiere this week (March 15) on Netflix. If you are in a dilemma like the film’s characters, let us make it easy for you by citing five solid reasons to catch up with this whodunnit thriller the very moment it's released!

Reason 1: Quirkily intriguing title
Generally, we associate the term ‘mubarak’ when we have to congratulate anyone for their achievements. In this case, when the term ‘congratulations’ is associated with a murder, it really raises the audiences’’ eyebrows and ensures that they watch the whodunnit in order to find out what the ‘murderous celebrations’ is all about!

Reason 2: Pankaj Tripathi and other star cast
If the name of Pankaj Tripathi gets associated with any project, then, the project becomes devoid of having any other reason for the audiences to come to the theatres / OTT platforms to see the film or series. Ditto the case with Murder Mubarak. It's not rocket science to decipher that, the film will be an out and out Pankaj Tripathi film all the way. If the teasers and the promos of the film are anything to go by, then, Murder Mubarak is all set to add one more feather to his cap of extraordinary performance!

Reason 3: Story premise
Those who have seen the film’s trailer will surely vouch for the fact that the premise of the film’s story is definitely riveting and gripping. Added to that, everyone’s in their zone kind of characters. Be it the veteran actor Dimple Kapadia or the spunky Sara Ali Khan or even the evergreen Sanjay Kapoor!

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Reason 4: Return of Karisma Kapoor!
Amidst the presence of How can anyone forget the presence of the eternal stunner Karisma Kapoor, who is all set to storm into everyone’s hearts all over again) with this film! If her magnetically arresting presence in the promos and the trailers are anything to go by, then, be ready for ‘Rani Hindustani’ to steal your mind and attention with her beauty and her ever flawless performance!

Reason 5: Background music
Everyone knows that thrillers, murder mysteries and whodunit thrillers tend to fall on the face, when the background score goes for a toss. But, at the same time, it’s the very same background music, which truly acts as a catalyst to uplift the mood of any film, which is exactly the case with Murder Mubarak. And with the duo of Sachin- Jigar at the helm of things, can things go wrong even a bit! After all, it's ‘Murder Mubarak!’

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