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My Name is Loh Kiwan ending explained – A happy ending for Marie and Kiwan or heartbreak?

My Name is Loh Kiwan is a gritty survival tale of a North Korean defector trying to claim his status as a refugee in Belgium. Here's all you need to know about the ending.

My Name is Loh Kiwan ending explained – A happy ending for Marie and Kiwan or heartbreak?

My Name is Loh Kiwan still showing Kiwan and Marie

Last Updated: 08.06 PM, May 11, 2024


South Korea’s new romantic drama film ‘My Name Is Loh Kiwan’ has been trending for its stellar star cast of heartthrobs Song Joong-ki and Choi Sung-eun. Based on Cho Hae-jin’s novel, I Met Loh Kiwan, this is a gritty survival tale of a North Korean defector trying to claim his status as a refugee in Belgium. Helmed by Kim Hee Jin, the movie stirs emotions with its gripping narrative that slowly and beautifully transforms into a love story. If you’re wondering whether this emotionally charged movie has a happy ending or not, we've got a detailed synopsis to reveal how a survival story adds a surprising, heartwarming twist of romance.

My Name is Loh Kiwan plot

The plot revolves around Loh Kiwan, who flees China and enters Belgium with a fake passport to gain refugee status. However, he is faced with a harsh choice: lie and seek asylum by proving his identity as a North Korean defector. Despite the odds of poverty and extreme weather, Kiwan chooses to hang on to a glimmer of hope and integrity. On his journey, he meets the troubled drug addict Marie, who is dealing with her own crises. They explore their relationship.

Loh Kiwan and Marie have an unexpected ending

My Name Is Loh Kiwan's happy ending makes up for the tragic hardships endured by both Loh Kiwan and Marie while navigating their relationship and tragic pasts. When Kiwan was almost getting refugee status, he exited the court after worrying about Marie due to his intuition. Marie, who was grappling with drug lords and criminal groups, is saved at the last second when Kiwan risks his life for her.

Like any other inspiring and high-octane action scene, My Name Is Loh Kiwan shows how Kiwan sacrifices his happiness for his love and saves Marie by escaping Belgium. After a heartbreaking separation, Marie leaves Kiwan, but the duo promises to continue loving unconditionally as they wait for each other.

Fast forward to one year later, and we see a charming Loh Kiwan reuniting with his love, Marie, as he crosses borders to keep his word. He also fulfilled his promise to his mother of living with dignity and pride in a foreign country without any guilt, and he finally received refugee status in Belgium. The reunion scene featuring Kiwan and Marie is truly beautiful, as they embrace with love at a serene beach. The beach is symbolic of their love for each other: pure and never-ending.

How Loh Kiwan proves his identity in Belgium after fleeing China

After multiple failed attempts to prove his identity to authorities, Kiwan finally sees light when his factory colleague sends him a parcel with evidence to prove his story. Seon-ju, the same woman who lied in court about Kiwan’s identity and status, gets her closure when she helps Kiwan in the most unexpected way. She digs out hundreds of newspaper archives to find that one article that reported his mother’s accidental death.

When the photograph and Kiwan’s story match, the authorities grant Kiwan his lost identity. However, before the verdict can be sealed, Kiwan abruptly leaves court and his refugee status after fleeing China.

Marie and Kiwan’s closure with their troubled past

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is a heartbreaking story that explores the hardships of life, especially if you’re poor or have baggage from past traumas. Both Kiwan and Marie, despite their opposite personalities, grapple with the guilt and trauma of losing their loved ones.

While Kiwan was living with the burden of being the reason his mother met with an unfortunate accident, Marie was experiencing double pain as she lost her mother as well as her father, whom she blamed as the killer (not believing that her mother wanted euthanasia). As they deal with their past scars, both of them find peace and happiness in each other and finally let go of the pain for a brighter future. The movie weaves a poignant story of hope and survival against the odds if one remembers to hold on to the light.

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