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Naagin 6 August 14, 2022 written update: Pratha kills Vinashika, Mahek becomes the Naag Raani

Mahek finally tells Pratha that the latter’s daughter is alive.

Naagin 6 August 14, 2022 written update: Pratha kills Vinashika, Mahek becomes the Naag Raani

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 04.19 PM, Aug 14, 2022


Mahek battles Vinashika in the red room. As the latter is overpowered for a moment, Mahek twists a pillar with a naag symbol on it, causing a door of the room to swing open. We see that Urvashi had advised Mahek to twist the pillar to open the door, so that Vinashika can escape.

Vinashika starts to harm the other naags, and Pratha challenges her to a duel, making sure she does not face the former’s eyes. The shesh naag is requested to intervene in the battle, but says he cannot as that would be against the rules of the naag lok.

As Vinashika overpowers Pratha, the latter spots a mirror. The shesh naagin uses the mirror to spot Vinashika, and beheads the latter with a sword. Mahek uses Vinashika’s head and tries to turn Pratha to stone, but another naagin stands in her way and saves Pratha.

A furious Pratha slaps Mahek and throws Vinashika’s head in the red room and closes the door. Mahek says that as she won all the three competitions, it was only fair that the shesh naag marries her. Pratha laments the turn of events, feeling guilty that she made shesh naag forgo his vow of Brahmacharya with her plan.

Mahek becomes the naag raani and becomes much stronger. She says that now Pratha will have no choice but to act as the former’s protector.

As a dejected Pratha leaves, shesh naag approaches her and asks her how she could have let Mahek become the naag raani. He also says that he is worried about Shraddha, whom Mahek has kept captive. The shesh naag says that Shraddha sent him a message that Mahek is out to do something very big and dangerous. Pratha vows to save Shraddha. The shesh naag is revealed to be Mahek, who tricks Pratha to go there and plans something sinister for her sister.

Pratha finds a badly bruised Shraddha tied to a tree. As she unties her, she sees Urvashi, Rehaan and Riteish standing with guns in her hands. Shraddha is revealed to be Mahek in disguise.

Mahek tries to kill Pratha and badly injures her. In a turn of events, ‘Pratha’ is revealed to be Shraddha in disguise. Shraddha says that she doubted Mahek was up to something and had taken Pratha’s place to save her. Shraddha dies just as Pratha arrives.

Pratha reveals that Mahek is standing on a landmine. If the evil naag takes even a step it would explode and kill her. Pratha kills Rehaan and Riteish. As she is about to kill Urvashi, Mahek reveals that Pratha’s daughter is alive. Mahek says that only she and Urvashi knows this, and only they know the location of the child. Mahek says that she had told the doctor and lie to Pratha about her child’s death.

Mahek takes Pratha to a secluded place, where a child’s wail is heard. It is revealed to be a trap and Pratha is caught in a venomous net.

Zack plans to infiltrate a VIP meeting in Kedarnath attended by important dignitaries on the occasion of Independence day. Zack plans to bomb the place and says that they can use a secret passageway on the Gujral property to get there.

As Pratha struggles to stay alive, she hallucinates Rishabh, who gives her support to fight against the venom. The episode ends as Pratha opens her eyes.