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Naagin 6 September 25, 2022 written update: Professor witnesses Prarthana's Sheshnaagin avatar

Rudra proposes to Anmol after realising her true feelings

Naagin 6 September 25, 2022 written update: Professor witnesses Prarthana's Sheshnaagin avatar

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  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.23 PM, Sep 25, 2022


The latest episode begins with the fashion event hosted by 'Rudra' Pratik Sehajpal's News channel. Prarthana can be seen taking interviews with the models post their stint on the stage. Pratha and Rishabh also arrive to attend the event along with their daughter Anmol, who tries to get Rudra's attention a lot, however, doesn't succeed as he seems completely busy arranging everything on the occasion. 

On the other hand, Rudra can also be seen busy with taking extra care of the chief guest as well as all the people at the event as he gets a tip to anticipate a bomb attack at the event. Meanwhile, Anmol, who loves Rudra, tries to get his attention by taking part in the ramp walk at the fashion event, however, she gets disappointed by not receiving a single glimpse of her prince charming.

Moving on, after a model gets hurt, Anmol requests Prarthana to walk on the stage in exchange for the injured model. At first, the new Shesh Naagin hesitates, while later agrees and enters the stage wearing the shows toppers dress. No one recognises her as she covers her face with the dupatta. As she comes on the centre stage, everyone gets a breaking news notification on their phones about a bomb that has been found at the event. Everything gets haywire and people start running to get outside the venue. Meanwhile, Anmol runs back to find Rudra, who goes inside along with Rishabh to nab the terrorist. 

As she reaches the stage, the attacker throws the bomb toward her, but soon after that Prarthana arrives and throws the bomb out after taking her Shesh Naagin avatar. She also saves Anmol, who gets injured during the incident. Meanwhile, the professor witnesses everything and learns that his daughter is a Naagin.

Pratha reaches onto the stage and holds her injured daughter in her arms, while Anmol asks her if Rudra is fine or not because she loves him and she cannot live without him. After listening to her concern and confession towards him, Rudra realises that he has been unfair to her, so he proses her to get married.