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Naagin 6 December 17, 2022 written update: Mahek calls upon another Naagin to kill Prathna

Raghu falls in love with Prathna.

Naagin 6 December 17, 2022 written update: Mahek calls upon another Naagin to kill Prathna

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.29 AM, Dec 18, 2022

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The episode opens with Raghuveer carrying an unconscious Prathna to safety. Elsewhere, an aged looking Mahek finally gets her hands on the divine anklet and cackles as she puts them on. She realises that the anklets are losing their power slowly. She doubles down on her efforts to find the Maha Sesh Naagin.

Mahek goes to the forest in search of someone. As a passerby walks by, she kills him and leaves his body as an offering for another Naagin. The Naagin Mahek is in search of is revealed to be Dhanshikha, who has a strong sense of smell. She gives Prathna’s accessory to the Dhanshikha, and asks her to locate the Maha Shesh Naagin.

Prathna awakes, and the children reveal that Raghuveer had brought her there. The former wonders how she fainted and why she felt anxious going into the house. Prathna tries to locate the man who saved him, and decides to go to the jewellery store to do so.

As she worries about what to feed the children, Raghuveer arrives with food for everyone. He tells Prathna that he is a worker at the jewellery store, and hides the fact that he is its owner. He also convinces Prathna that the food did not cost much as he bought them using a voucher. Dhanshikha spots Prathna and wonders how she was unable to smell her.

Raghu is revealed to be as generous as he is rich, as he feeds more children. He asks for a food voucher from the hotel, and decides to show it to Prathna next time he goes.

Dhanshikha spots Prathna and decides to take her back to Mahek. The former disguises herself as an elderly woman and asks Prathna for food. She reveals her true identity to the Maha Sesh Naagin and attacks her. As Prathna becomes unconscious and her Maha Sesh Naagin powers get unleashed. The Naagin form tells Dhanshikha that although Prathna forgot her Naagin powers in her human form, the Naagin within her will not forget. The Maha Sesh Naagin vanquishes Dhanshikha, and Prathna wakes up before fainting yet again. The children become worried about Prathna.

Raghu is smitten with Prathna, so much so that he starts painting her. Mahek sees the unfinished painting. Raghu is asked to sign a few papers to do with the eviction of a few people from a colony.

Seema drags Mahek to the forest and shows her Dhanshikha’s corpse. Mahek laughs as she realises that only a Sesh Naagin can kill someone as powerful as Dhanshikha. An eyewitness then confirms Mahek’s suspicions. When the man says he does not know where they came from, Mahek kills him.

Prathna awakens and a child tells the former that she had seen nine colourful lights and rashes on Prathna’s skin. Mahek goes in search of Prathna. She meets another person who tries to help her, and immediately kills him. She calls upon her fellow Naagins and asks them to create chaos and kill as many young men as they can, in order to draw Prathna out.

Raghu comes and brings more food for the children. He asks Prathna to model jewellery for them, and she agrees.