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Home»News»Naagin 6 July 24, 2022 written update: Kiara and Pratap’s wedding festivities begin, Shakti escapes his chains»

Naagin 6 July 24, 2022 written update: Kiara and Pratap’s wedding festivities begin, Shakti escapes his chains

The police try to arrest Rishabh, mistaking him for Shakti.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 04.25 PM, Jul 24, 2022

Naagin 6 July 24, 2022 written update: Kiara and Pratap’s wedding festivities begin, Shakti escapes his chains

Pratha as Kiara announces that she and Pratap will get married today, lying and saying that they advanced the wedding due to the advice of her priest. Mahek, Rishabh and Urvashi are shocked, while Rhea is frustrated by the fact that she is losing an opportunity to wed Pratap. Pratap says that the wedding will take place in the haveli and asks everyone to pack their bags and be ready by evening.

Urvashi and Rhea take food to Shakti, enough to feed him for the next two days. Shakti spots Kiara outside his room before Urvashi closes the door, and Rhea hears the former calling Kiara Deepika. Rhea hides Shakti’s room key with her. She decides to stop Kiara and Pratap’s wedding using Shakti’s obsession.

Rhea visits Shakti, who attacks her and then starts laughing. She tells Shakti that Kiara is getting married and tells him that the wedding will take place in the haveli. Asking Shakti to stop the wedding if he really loves Kiara, Rhea leaves the keys with him.

At the haveli, Pratha decides that she will go through with her plan of killing Rishabh there. Rishabh is reminded of Pratha as he watches Kiara and Pratap. Shakti unlocks his chains and starts making his way to the wedding. Mahek is enchanted by the haveli.

The wedding festivities start, but Rishabh and Pratha are plagued by memories of each other. Pratha realises that she had actually told the designer to put Rishabh’s name in her mehendi. As she washes it off, she has to persuade herself that she must kill Rishabh. Pratha asks the designer to cover Rishabh’s name.

Meanwhile Shakti goes to a shop and tries on a kurta to wear to the wedding. He beats up the shopkeeper. Outside he asks a driver to take him to Deepika Padukone’s wedding. When the man replies that Deepika is already married to Ranveer Singh, Shakti loses his cool yet again and beats up the driver too. Shakti enters the man’s vehicle, and someone films him.

Rishabh tries to congratulate Kiara, and she says that she will take his wishes only at the right time. Shakti’s video reaches the police station and Vijay recognises the man in the video as Rishabh. When the police go to arrest Rishabh they are told that he is at a wedding. Kiara gives a signal to Gauri.

Rehaan is shocked to see Vihaan in his room, and threatens to kill the latter. Vihaan talks about how Rehaan had killed two women. Vihaan says that he is already dead, and Rehaan is shocked to see Vihaan’s dead body. Rehaan rushes to the police station and locks himself in the jail, thinking he’ll be safe there. He is pulled out of the jail by police officers, just as Rishabh arrives. In his fear, Rehaan reveals to Rishabh that Pratha was innocent and that the former had been responsible for everything. Rishabh slaps Rehaan. Rishabh tells Rehaan to tell him the whole story. Rehaan tries to brush it off by saying that he was drunk and wasn't thinking straight.

Kiara excuses herself from the festivities saying she has to go to the washroom. She meets Gauri and says that the plan must move ahead with caution. Pratha tells Gauri her plan- during the ceremony, Pratha will use her powers to fill the mandap with smoke. She will slip away to kill Rishabh while Gauri takes her place in her absence.

Vijay arrives and tells Mahek that he must arrest Rishabh, showing her the video. Mahek tells Vijay to leave, saying that she knows he still has feelings for her. Vijay calls her more venomous than a snake and wonders how he could ever have loved her, and Rishabh hears this. Vijay calls Mahek heartless, and asks how Mahek could betray Pratha, who loved Rishabh. Mahek says Pratha deserved it. Vijay spots Rishabh and leaves. Rishabh asks Mahek why Vijay was here, and Mahek says nothing.