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Naagin 6 June 18 2022 written update: Pratha pledges to get back her powers again; Mahek fears for her life

Jwala helps Pratha in her plan against Mahek.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 04.46 PM, Jun 19, 2022

Naagin 6 June 18 2022 written update: Pratha pledges to get back her powers again; Mahek fears for her life

Source: Voot

After realising that there is nothing left in her life, Pratha sets out to kill herself. However, she comes across her grandmother's anklets and thinks that it's a sign. She decides to go and bid adieu to God in the temple before she leaves the earth. When reaches the temple, the former Naagin hears Mahek talking to God and ranting about how she killed Pratha's child in the womb.

After learning everything, Pratha decides that she will not die and instead will gain back her powers as Shesh Naagin and avenge her child.

Meanwhile, at home Mahek aka Heena finds Rishabh working the whole night for his business meeting. When she asks him to spend some time with her, the husband replies that the deal is much more important for him. 

As Rishabh leaves, Urvashi comes to Mahek and tells her that they need to meet a man from Chenghistan, who wants to destroy India. 

They go to meet this new person and tell him that they are helping him only because of money.

To gain back her powers, Pratha begins plotting against Mahek and indirectly starts sending her hints about an upcoming war that will make her suffer. A lot of her friends including Jwala and the Farishta help her in her plan.

Moving on the episode features Mahek's new enemy. This new enemy is Yeti (a monster of mountains). 

The Farishta informs Mahek about her new enemy that makes her fear for her life. She informs Urvashi about the same and tells her that she won't step out of the house for a few days, while her Maasi scolds her and tells her they need to meet the businessman from Chenghistan again.

To scare the new Shesh Naagin even more, Jwala meets her in the middle of the road and asks her and Rishabh for a lift. After entering the car, she informs them that she is a palm reader. When Mahek asks her to tell her about her future, Pratha's friend tells her that she might die under 72 hours, so she needs to take care of herself. This scares Mahek even more.