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Naagin 6 May 1 2022 written update: Pratha saves Rishabh again, tries to unveil Seema's dark secret on her birthday

Pratha finds out about the lady that has been held captive by Seema.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 03.50 PM, May 01, 2022

Naagin 6 May 1 2022 written update: Pratha saves Rishabh again, tries to unveil Seema's dark secret on her birthday

Naagin 6

Seema goes to a secret underground cell to meet a woman, whom she has held captive for years. She asks the lady about her son's whereabouts, while the latter doesn't reply. Seema slaps her and locks her again in the jail. Meanwhile, Rishabh gets captured by a few men, who have been planning to destroy the country. Suddenly, Pratha reaches there and tries to save her husband. She points a gun at one of the villains and tells him to untie Rishabh. 

She tells all the miscreants not to touch her husband. "I won't let you all hurt him because I love him," says Naagin. After that, they all feel an earthquake, while Rishabh falls to the ground and gets unconscious. Mahek also reaches there in her Naagin avatar, while Pratha also appears in her real self and calls all her Naag and Naagin from around the world to kill the criminals. 

After Pratha saves Rishabh, they all come back home, where the husband tells Naagin that she should leave his house as it's getting dangerous around him, but she denies it. 

They further start talking about Rishabh's mother, while the hero thanks to the lord that his mother was not with him today. He further tells her that he misses the lullaby his mother used to sing in her childhood and also sings it in front of Pratha. The Naagin tells him that they should make a special collage of Seema's photos on her birthday tomorrow, while Rishabh informs her that he doesn't know where the photographs are. Meanwhile, the Naagin sisters go to the storeroom and find a few photographs of Rishabh's teenager. They also find a picture of a couple but don't recognise them, the sarvashreshtha Naagin assumes that the last in the image is the one who has been held captive by Seema. 

The next morning, they celebrate Seema's birthday and ask her to eat the cake. The maha asur gets scared and thinks that the cake must be filled with poison. Pratha jokingly tells her that it's not poisonous and takes a bite from the cake. However, she spreads her venom on the cake while having a bite, which Seema witnesses. The heroin then asks her mother-in-law to eat it. Rishabh takes it from her hand and tries to feed his mother, but she hit his hand, and he drops the cake. 

Before Seema's birthday party, Pratha and Mahek reach the tahkhana again and find out that the woman that has been held captive is Rishabh's real mother. 

Before the celebration, Seema gives a lot of money to a doctor to give a poisonous injection to Rishabh. The maha asur tells her son to take an injection for his sprained hand so that the pain recovers fast. Meanwhile, Pratha reaches on time and pushes her mother-in-law and she hurts her hand. After that, Naagin tells her husband that Seema should get the shot as she is in much more pain. 

Maha asur hesitates, while the protagonist informs her that the injection is not poisonous anymore as she has removed it herself.