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Naagin 6 May 14 2022 written update: Seema warns Pratha that she will kill Rishabh, the Naagin accepts her defeat

Rainaksh threatens Chanda and asks her about the amrit kalash's location.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 08.23 AM, May 15, 2022

Naagin 6 May 14 2022 written update: Seema warns Pratha that she will kill Rishabh, the Naagin accepts her defeat

Source: Instagram

Pratha hears a scream from Samaira's room and goes inside her room. She asks Rehaan if he hit his wife, while the latter lies in front of her and says that she slipped in the bathroom. After that Seema announces that her niece, Anya has decided to marry her best friend's son Rainaksh. 

Pratha and Mahek discuss that something shady is going on and Rainaksha doesn't actually love Anya. On the other hand, Lalit is back in the house from the hospital. Seema threat

At night, Rishabh asks Pratha that she seems really lost since Rainaksh has come to their house. Naagin says that she gets very negative vibes from him. The ichadhari nevla comes to his room and gets scared after he sees a rat trap in his room.

The next day, everyone wishes Seema and injured Lalit on their anniversary. Rehaan plans a night party for Rainaksh after his engagement, while Rainaksh tells Rehaan that he would not be able to attend it as he will take his mom to his home as soon as the engagement is over. 

Meanwhile, Pratha and Mahel plan to get Chanda to remember her past again and get back her lost memory. Before Seema and Lalit's anniversary party, Pratha announces that they all wish to see the elderly couple getting wedded again so they should get married again. She also asks Rishabh to persuade her mother to get married again.

Meanwhile, Pratha arranges a slideshow of Seema and Lait's old pictures specially cumulated in a video. After a few happy images, an image appears in front of everyone that features Lalit and Chanda holding each other, while Seema is standing beside the couple. After watching the picture, Rishabh gets furious and asks all of them about the truth. Chanda fumbles that Lalit is her husband, while Seema says she has lost her memory so she not be taken seriously. 

After that, Rishabh and Pratha decide that Anya should get engaged with Rainaksha, who is Chanda's son. The ichadhari nevla loses his cool and says that he 'doesn't give a damn' about this relationship. This sparks a fist fight between him and Rishabh and after that, the hero asks him to take his mother and leave his house.

Although, this fails Pratha and Mahek's plan, who wanted to keep Chanda safe. They try to stop Rainaksha from taking Chanda away, but he injures them and runs away with Rishabh's real mother.

Scared Chanda tells Rainaksha that she will take him to the place where Kalash is hidden and will tell him everything. The episode ends on that note. Back in the house, Seema teases Pratha that now she will know the whereabouts of Kalash and she will add poison to that and after that, she will kill Rishabh as well, and now no one can stop her. The Naagin starts crying and accepts her defeat. "Aaj mai haar gayi," says Pratha at the end.