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Naagin 6 new promo: Pratha and Prathna join hands to fight THIS archenemy - Watch

Prathna uncovers the face of Rishabh's attacker.

Naagin 6

Last Updated: 04.24 PM, Nov 16, 2022


A few new obstacles are set to arrive in front of Pratha and Prathna in the upcoming episode of Naagin 6. A new promo video from the fantasy drama show sees how the mother and daughter, who used to be each other's enemies due to a major misunderstanding, now join hands to destroy the new villain of this story.

Last week, the show witnessed how Pratha and Prathna took Rishabh's identity to uncover the face of the latter's attacker. After following the masked man for a long time, the Shesh Naagin finally learns that it's none other than Rishabh's dear daughter - Anmol. 

After seeing no way out of her situation, Anmol tries to run and hide from everyone, while Prathna captures the culprit.

The makers have now shared a new promo that glimpses the happening of the upcoming episode. The video begins by displaying how Pratha and Prathna have started working together to curb the enemy of the country. 

Pratha can be seen Informing Prathna about that one lethal enemy whom they need to fight and win. The mother of Shesh Naagin says, "We will have to reach Kalia Naag otherwise we won't be able to know the truth. And to know the truth we will have to travel through some dangerous path packed with lethal enemies. And our biggest archenemies are Mongoose. That place is the hub of these creatures."

Both the Naagins can be seen taking their serpent avatar to pave the way.

The video further showcases Pratha and Prathna punishing the first two enemies of the country. Rudra's mother and father, who are real partners of Zhang, can be seen begging the Shesh Naagin for their lives, while the protagonist doesn't let them get away this time.

Watch the full promo video here:


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