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Naagin 6 new promo: Prathna takes her dire form, Pratha WARNS Sheshnaagin - Watch

Rishabh wants to save Sheshnaagin.

Naagin 6 new promo: Prathna takes her dire form, Pratha WARNS Sheshnaagin - Watch

Naagin 6 (via YouTube)

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.50 AM, Nov 04, 2022


Naagin 6 is set to gather plenty of attention in its upcoming episode as Prathna will take her dire form to take revenge on Rishabh due to a huge misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Pratha is also set to finally reveal each and every truth about her daughter and herself to Rishabh. The makers have recently dropped a new promo video that showcases the huge happenings of the forthcoming episode that is set to shock as well as entertain the Naagin 6 fans at the same time.

The promo video begins with Rishabh talking to one of his business partners about Vasuki temple and how a huge door is about to open at that place. He further mentions, "Zhang and his people will capture the Shesh Naagin by hook or crook to get the treasure from the temple." 

Moving on, the montage sees Pratha unveiling to her husband that she is not Shesh Naagin anymore but Prathna is. She further explains, "Prathna is the new Shesh Naagin. She married Rudra to take her adopted father, Professor's revenge from you him and you." This shocks Rishabh to the core.

The former Shesh Naagin reaches her ancestral Naag Mahal and pleads to Lord Shiva's idol to save her husband. On the other hand, Prathna can be seen taking a pledge of turning her dire form to take revenge on Rishabh. Meanwhile, her mother tries to warn her of her own destruction.

Watch the full promo video here:

Ekta Kapoor-created fantasy drama series is available to watch on Voot on Saturday and Sunday.

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