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Naagin 6 November 19, 2022 written update: Urvashi murders Suhasini; Ritwick reveals his true identity

Urvashi hatches a plan to sell the Naag Mani.

Naagin 6 November 19, 2022 written update: Urvashi murders Suhasini; Ritwick reveals his true identity

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.09 PM, Nov 19, 2022


Rudra’s mother heaves a sigh of relief that Rudra listened to them, and not Prathna, and is still unaware that his wife is a naagin. Anmol assures Rudra’s mother that Rudra will never know, and that she will not let him go near Prathna.

Urvashi assures Siyali that she will get everything she deserves, and remarks that Reem will be happy to see Pratha roaming the streets. Siyali asks if Pratha really killed Reem, and Urvashi says yes.

Ritwick arrives at the house in search of Anmol. Anmol’s friends inform her that Ritwick is furious. Anmol begs Siyali to tell Ritwick that the former cannot get engaged to Ritwick. The latter is furious when Siyali tells him that Anmol does not love him.

Rudra arrives and plans to go out, despite Anmol’s requests for him to stay. Anmol warns Rudra that Pratha and Prathna are dangerous, and Rudra’s father talks about how Prathna almost killed Rudra’s mother. Rudra reassures them, and leaves. Anmol talks about her impending wedding to Rudra, just as Ritwick arrives and confronts Anmol.

When Rudra declares that Anmol is his fiance, Ritwick storms off. Siyali comforts Ritwick and says that Anmol had already been in love with Rudra all this while. Ritwick asks Siyali out, and the latter tells him about Prathna and Pratha. Ritwick says he will wait for Siyali to come on a date with him tomorrow. Ritwick is revealed to be Prathna in disguise.

As the preparations for the mehendi take place, Pataali wonders what Prathna and Pratha are planning. Urvashi warns that no one will go out of the house until the situation is sorted. Siyali wonders how she will meet with Ritwick, while the latter(Prathna) texts her and asks her to come outside and meet him. Siyali leaves, and her absence is noticed by everyone. Urvashi spots Siyali going out with Ritwick, just as the real Ritwick arrives and asks why Siyali stood him up. Urvashi kicks the real Ritwick out, and realises that Siyali is with Prathna.

Siyali is taken to a secluded spot by Ritwick, and Urvashi catches them and threatens Prathna with the Naag mani. Urvashi presses the naag mani to Ritwick’s forehead, but nothing happens. Urvashi drags Siyali away to the house.

It is revealed that the real Ritwick had taken Siyali out before Prathna could, thus saving the sesh naagin’s life. Prathna tells Ritwick everything, and the latter reveals that he already knows all about her and that he has the same aim as Pratha and Prathna. Ritwick reveals himself to be Rajesh Pratap Singh’s son and tells Pratha about his plan to avenge the wrong that was done to his father. The trio plan to get the naag mani out of the house.

Pataali slaps Urvashi for taking the naag mani. Urvashi plans to take the naag mani away some day. Ritwick tells Suhasini that he wants to marry Siyali, and Suhasini puts forth the proposal to Urvashi. The latter asks that they take up the matter after a few days.

Pratha and Prathna take the form of Urvashi and Pataalini, and loudly discuss that Siyali should not get married to Rajesh’s son. Urvashi remarks that she will say yes, only to kill off Ritwick. Suhasini hears this all.

Pratha and Prathna then take on the forms of Suhasini and Ritwick and loudly declare that they are planning to use Siyali to control Urvashi. Urvashi hears this.

Urvashi and Suhasini meet up, planning to kill each other. When Suhasini is about to kill Urvashi, Pataalini hits the former on the head and Urvashi shoots Suhasini. Ritwick leaves Suhasini to die.

Pratha gives Prathna Nani’s anklets to keep. Rudra misses Prathna. Rudra’s mother and father discuss their share when Urvashi sells the naagmani.

Prathna suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation when she falls into a deep chasm that opens up in a cave. She finds herself surrounded by volcanic rocks and snakes.