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Naagin 6 November 20, 2022 written update: Pratha-Prathna kill Rudra’s parents

Pratha has frightening visions of snakes attacking her.

Naagin 6 November 20, 2022 written update: Pratha-Prathna kill Rudra’s parents

Last Updated: 11.47 AM, Nov 21, 2022


Prathna wakes up from a dream where she is met with a fearsome naag, and surrounded by dangerous snakes who corner her after she falls into a deep chasm. She wakes up frightened and tells Pratha about the nightmare. Pratha says that such dreams haunt those who have the Sarp Dosh- a curse from a naag/naagin. Pratha goes on to explain that a Sarp Dosh befalls those who have either killed a naag, or have the burden of the curse placed upon them by the actions of their ancestors. It could also mean that the ancestors are trying to communicate through the dreams.

Prathna realises that her dreams might have come about after she started wearing her great grandmother’s anklets. She tells Pratha about the frightening sculpture she saw in her dreams, and Pratha deduces that it must be an asur or rakshasi.

Paatali says that the rituals for Anmol and Rudra’s wedding should be completed by the end of the month. Rudra’s mother is annoyed by the attention her husband is giving Urvashi. She warns Pataalini that Urvashi should stay away from Ranjit, and talks about how they were here only for the sake of getting their share of the money after the sale of the Naag Mani. Pataali does not let Urvashi know that the former is now aware of Urvashi’s plan to sell the Naagmani.

Prathna disguises herself as Urvashi and approaches Ranjit. She says that she wants to share everything she has with Ranjit, as she would be all alone soon. Ranjit says that he will try to meet Urvashi whenever possible.

Prathna is heartbroken to see Rudra and Anmol together. Urvashi and Pataali discuss the plans to sell the naag mani to international buyers. Pataali reveals that Rudra’s parents will definitely not get their share, and reveals that she has another plan for the naag mani. Pataali says that she will sell the naag mani only to her community, the enemies of the naags and naagins.

Urvashi berates Pataali’s community, calling them murderers and theives, adding that they would never pay a fair price for the gem. As Urvashi asks how they will be protected once they dont have the naag mani, Pataali reveals a few charms she blessed with the naag mani, which will protect them.

Pratha tells Prathna that she was unable to locate Rishabh. After Anmol convinces Rudra not to go out, Prathna disguises herself as Ritwick and says that he is very happy for Rudra and Anmol. Ritwick asks about his grandmother, whom Urvashi killed, and Pataalini says that the woman has gone somewhere and will be back before the wedding.

Ritwick invites the whole family for a trip to a cave of archeological importance. Before leaving, Urvashi distributes the charms to everyone.

Pataali invites her community, the Kaalke, and offers them the naag mani. The community leader tells her that what they are really in need of is Nageshwaris’ powerful ancient anklet. The Kaalke say that Singika will not accept the naag mani unless she gets a hold of Nageshwari’s two anklets, which will help her become an all-powerful being.

Pratha tells Prathna that Singika is a rakshasi that the Kaalkes worship. She realises that Prathna’s dream has something to do with it. They decide to go to Naagraaj Takshak to know more about Singika’s history and her connection with Nageshwari. Pratha and Prathna go to the cave where Ritwick has invited everyone.

Prathna is hurt when Rudra tells her that he never loved Prathna, without realising that he had lied because he thought he was talking to Anmol. Pratha and Prathna corners Ranjit and Sanjana. They trick the couple into taking off their charms, and kill them both. Prathna encounters a vision of a large black cobra. When the mother-daughter pair approach Naagraaj Takhshak, he says that only the Kaali Naag can answer their questions.

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