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Naagin 6 October 1, 2022 written update: Prarthana saves Professor, learns a huge SECRET about herself

Professor confronts Suhasini for changing his daughter with Pratha's daughter 21 years ago.

Naagin 6 October 1, 2022 written update: Prarthana saves Professor, learns a huge SECRET about herself

A still from the show

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.57 PM, Oct 02, 2022


As the episode begins, the professor confronts Suhasini for changing his daughters when they were infants. At first, she denies it, however, later agrees about her deeds and accepts it with her vicious villain laugh.

Post that, Rudra arrives at Anmol's house for their engagement. He goes to a room inside and starts changing his attire for the evening and suddenly remembers his encounter with Prarthana in the morning in his office. As he remembers the whole incident he smiles as he has started getting attracted to her.

On the other hand, as Prarthana reaches home, the Professor asks her to meet a man and his family for her alliance. At first, she doesn't like the idea, however, after getting emotionally blackmailed by her father, she agrees to get married. After that, the father-daughter duo decides to go to a restaurant nearby for dinner, however, Jeet gets attacked by an unknown man while walking with her daughter. The new Shesh Naagin tries to help her father but she couldn't. After a while, she turns into her powerful avatar and saves the Professor from the miscreant. 

As she starts coming back to her human life, she feels dizzy and tells her father that she doesn't know what happened to her, she doesn't remember what happened just now. The Professor finally opens up to her and informs her that she is becoming a Shesh Naagin, but she should not pursue this life, get married and should leave this place. 

After going back home, the professor explains to her that he has saved this country twice and now he is in the search of finding the main enemy. This impresses Prarthana and she tells him that she will also fight for her nation just like him.