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Naagin 6 October 2, 2022 written update: Zack returns and unleashes a new evil against Sesh Naagin

The Professor and Rudra discover that the nation is about to face a deadly attack.

Naagin 6 October 2, 2022 written update: Zack returns and unleashes a new evil against Sesh Naagin

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.35 AM, Oct 03, 2022


After his narrow escape, the professor decides to get back to work after hearing the news about the mysterious deaths of scientists, much to Prarthana’s worry. Prarthana scolds him for being so suspicious, and asks her father to stay at home. The father daughter duo share a ew delightful moments.

The professor gets frustrated staying at home, and remarks that the deaths going on in the country is taking a pattern similar to something that happened 21 years ago in the country, when an attack was planned by evil forces which a lot of people mistook for an epidemic. The death of the scientists makes Rudra suspicious as well, and he tries to get to the bottom of it. He also comes to the same conclusion as jeet.

In a top secret terrorist meeting, Zack is revealed to be alive. Despite being shot in the head 20 years ago, he had survived and decides to exact revenge on the nation again.

Jeet and Rudra tries to find the connection between the deaths to figure out the sinister plan against the nation. Zack reveals that the five people who were murdered had been killed as they had figured out Zack’s plans. Jeet figures out that the 5 people who were killed had similar bands on their wrists, which came from one temple. He tries to find the location of the temple.

Rudra warns the public that a huge attack is being planned against the nation, and says that the deaths that had occurred are all connected, which gets Prarthana thinking. After the professor sees Rudra show he decides to enlist the latter’s help.

Zack reveals that he is in search of the sesh naagin, and remembers his encounter with Pratha all those years ago. Rudra receives a call from Anmol saying that she is at a park where another has happened.

Rishabh tells Pratha how wrong the attacks on the nation are. Pratha asks Shiv Ji to send someone to help Jeet, remembering how she herself had refused to help. Pratha asks Rishabh to contact Rudra to talk about the attacks.

Rishabh realises that Anmol is in danger after calling Rudra’s office, and Rishabh and Pratha make their way over to the place of the attack. Manav calls Prarthana and asks her to come to the Unnathi park, where the attacks take place, for an event. Prarthana agrees. Jeet also makes his way to Unnathi park to give Rudra the info he collected.

Rudra arrives at the park, and sees Anmol safe and sound. She says that she had lied about being in danger to lure him there, and Rudra becomes angry at her. But he relents and agrees to dance dandiya with Anmol. Prarthana also arrives and laughs at seeing Rudra’s outfit. She introduces Manav to Rudra. The couples dance.

Pratha and Rishabh arrive just then. Rishabh talks to Rudra about the events that took place over two decades ago. Anmol asks her parents to dance with them as well.

Zack reveals the monstrous Jenga asur, a creature more powerful than the Yeti, to defeat the sesh naagin. He plans to bring sesh naagin out into the open. He lets the monster out and asks it to go and find and defeat the sesh naagin.

Jeet goes to Rudra’s office to see him and then goes to the dandiya event. He sees his biological daughter Anmol for the first time. The professor tells Rudra about his findings, hidden behind a wall, and also clues the journalist about the fact he found about all the victims wearing similar maulis on their wrists. He also tells Rudra that the next attack will be on a temple, and leaves.

The Jenga asur arrives at the place and tries to attack Anmol. Jeet pushes the creature out of the way. As the monster charges at Prarthana, Rudra jumps in the way and gets injured. The tent is vacated and Jeet faces off against the asur. In the midst of the battle, someone injects something into the professor’s body. The latter gets grievously injured just as Prarthana arrives. Meanwhile Pratha goes back into the tent to slay the demon, while everyone else tries to get Rudra to the hospital.