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Naagin 6: Pratha gets shocked and disturbed by Anmol's engagement announcement to THIS person

Rishabh goes into a coma after the attack.

Naagin 6: Pratha gets shocked and disturbed by Anmol's engagement announcement to THIS person

A still from the show

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.45 AM, Nov 09, 2022


The recent episode of Naagin 6 witnesses how Rishabh went into a coma and is currently on life support. Meanwhile, the makers have shared a small snippet from the show that sees Anmol meeting a new man who can be a prospective groom for her. 

The video begins with a waiter asking Anmol if she needs anything as she has been waiting for someone for so long. He puts a fancy dish in front of her and tells her that she should enjoy the delicacy made by him as she must have been tired of waiting for someone special. After a while, he sits across from her on the chair and says he would like to give company to her. At first, Anmol gets puzzled about this person being so considerate to her, while later learns that his name is Rithvik and he is the one who she came to meet when a girl comes to take his signature on the check.

He flirts with her and soon she starts to like him. He also invites her to a Halloween party. Anmol gets super excited after meeting with Rithvik and hugs her grandmother after reaching home. She also announces that Rithvik is the one, she wants to be with. She further runs to her father, Rishabh's room to tell him the same, while finds him laying unconscious on his bed on life support. 

She starts crying and hugs her dad. She tells him that she has finally met the man of her life and she wants to tell him everything about Rithvik. Anmol tells her mother, Pratha, that she has finally found the one she wants to marry, After Rudra, she did not think to find anyone in her life, But, now she can say that Rithvik is the one. 

She also mentions that if she gets married to Rithvik then her dad would be the one, who is going to be happy for her the most. Anmol further announces her engagement with Rithvik which shocks Pratha and Chanda. 

Pratha tells Anmol that it's all too soon and she should think about it first, to which she says that she will get engaged to Rithvik tomorrow, and before that she can meet and know him at tonight's Halloween party. 

Watch the full video here: