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Naagin 6: Pratha REVEALS the truth about ancestral anklet to Prathna - Watch

Anmol convinces Rudra to get married to her.

Naagin 6: Pratha REVEALS the truth about ancestral anklet to Prathna - Watch

Tejasswi Prakash in Naagin 6 (YouTube screengrab)

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.42 AM, Nov 20, 2022


Naagin 6 is gathering the attention of the viewers after Pratha and Prathna have been reunited to work together against their enemies, while Anmol has become the new antagonist in the show.

The makers have recently dropped a small snippet from the latest episode that sees Pratha explaining about the ancestral anklet. After recovering from a huge injury, Prathna meets her mother in the Naag Mahal. They both hug each other after reuniting and get emotional. After a while, Pratha notices a shining ornament lying under the huge portrait of her grandmother. She questions Prathna about it, to which the latter replies that it's the same anklet that she told her to keep safe with her.

Moving on, the former Shesh Naagin describes Prathna the value of the anklet and tells her that it's because of this ornament that she was able to heal from a huge injury and now standing alive. She further tells her daughter to always keep it with her for her life's sake, while Prathna tells her mother that she should take it from her and keep it with her as she needs much more protection.

Pratha says that she is her mother and that whatever she is saying, her daughter needs to follow. 

Watch the full video here:

On the other hand, Anmol can be seen manipulating Rudra and telling him that both Pratha and Prathna are dangerous and he should be aware of them. She also convinces him to marry her as Prathna has betrayed him by lying about her real identity as well as intentions and hiding that she is a Naagin.

The upcoming episode of Naagin 6 is set to witness if Rudra will get to know the truth about Anmol's intentions or not, or will he get married to her.

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