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Naagin 6: Rudra proposes to Pratha's daughter Anmol, but is this true love?

Rudra and Rishabh try to catch the terrorist in the latest episode.

Naagin 6: Rudra proposes to Pratha's daughter Anmol, but is this true love?

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  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.29 PM, Sep 25, 2022


The latest episode of Naagin 6 has been very adventurous and intriguing as well. Meanwhile, Rudra and Anmol's romantic sequence has been one of the highlights of the Sunday episode.

While the show begins with a fashion event that was hosted by Rudra's new channel, however, the fun and entertaining event soon turns into a chaotic circumstance as terrorist attacks the occasion by planting a bomb at the venue. The main moto of the attackers has been the assassination of the politician who came as the chief guest, in which they succeed. As one of the attackers starts running inside the venue with a bomb in his hand, Rudra and Rishabh go inside to nab him and curb the intense situation. However, the terrorist tries to run away from the venue and throws the bomb toward Anmol, who does inside to find Rudra.

Before the bomb explodes, Prarthana comes from behind and saves her younger sister without knowing the relationship between them. After that, the new Shesh Naagin hides before anyone could see her. Pratha arrives on the stage and tries to see her daughter's injury, while Anmol repeatedly starts asking her about Rudra's whereabouts. She also says, "I know he doesn't have feelings for me but I love him, mom."

Rudra, who was standing behind learns Anmol's true feelings and feels bad for ignoring her all these times. He goes closer to her, holds her hands, kneels downs and proposes to her. 

However, the latest proposal is quite confusing for the fans who have been glimpsing a few images of Pratik with Tejasswi together that are doing rounds on the internet that surely make the fans feel that soon Prarthana and Rudra will be seen romancing each other on Naagin 6.

This makes the upcoming episodes even more anticipating for the fantasy drama show's admirers.

Stay tuned for more updates.