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Namita Thapar exposes the dark side of Shark Tank deals, reveals founders have ‘ghosted’ her! Here's why

Namita Thapar reveals that after a deal is locked on Shark Tank India, investors undergo due diligence and frequently realize that the information provided during the presentation was incomplete.

Namita Thapar exposes the dark side of Shark Tank deals, reveals founders have ‘ghosted’ her! Here's why
Shark Tank India 2: Namita Thapar (Source: Namita's Instagram)

Last Updated: 05.44 PM, Feb 13, 2024


Shark Tank India is one of the most-watched shows on Television. A lot of start-up founders come and present their unique ideas in front of investors. However, one of the sharks, Namita Thapar has now revealed in a recent interview that a lot of investments fall through after the show ends. She said that they begin their 'due diligence' and occasionally 'ghost' the investors after their deal is locked on the show. 

During an interview with the YouTube channel Finance with Sharan, Namita said that the audience does not know what happened beyond the show and what they do not see. She said that they must be aware of why a lot of deals do not go through. 

She said, “A lot of people are very clueless when it comes to the count of investments because what they don’t realize is when we start doing our due diligence, there are multiple things that… there’s literally a lack of integrity on the part of founders."

She further talked about how she has been ghosted by multiple founders. "There are many founders who have ghosted me. There are many founders who, when we do the due diligence, the numbers they quoted at the tank, they are completely off, not just marginally but substantially off," she shared.

According to Shark Namita Thapar, business owners frequently subsequently admit that they have several companies and are not interested in merging them for the deal to be locked. Further, she revealed how people don't realize all these because they see the Sharks making these offers and assume that they didn't complete the purchase, however, in reality, there are many integrity problems, which is why the count significantly decreases. 

"I think this is one thing that whoever is following Shark Tank must be aware of, that there is a margin between what’s revealed at the tank vs what really comes out in the due diligence," she added.

Shark Tank India returned with season 3 on January 22, 2024.

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