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Nani: There’s no fun in repeating yourself, Hi Nanna wasn’t a conscious choice

After Dasara, Nani will be seen in the December 7 release, Hi Nanna 

Nani: There’s no fun in repeating yourself, Hi Nanna wasn’t a conscious choice

Nani and Kiara Khanna

Last Updated: 04.16 PM, Nov 12, 2023


Hi Nanna, the emotional drama, marking the directorial debut of Shouryuv, starring Nani, Mrunal Thakur and child artiste Kiara Khanna, is hitting screens on December 7. Commemorating Diwali, Nani and Kiara came together for a promotional interview with Suma today, where the former revealed several intriguing layers beneath the film.


Justifying why he took up Hi Nanna, Nani shares, “I don’t want to repeat myself nor have enough patience/ energy to do a Dasara again. There’s no excitement if I try to do a similar film, for me and audiences. It’s not a conscious decision to take this. I kept listening to many stories. Vyra Entertainments and I’ve been in touch for a long time, they’ve been sending scripts and I liked this the most.”

The actor says festivals were all about himself in the past, which changed after turning a father. “Diwali was about me before, it’s all about making my kid happy now. I remember there was a Rs 275 budget for crackers in my childhood. I and my sister shared it among ourselves.” Just like the crackers, Nani says Hi Nanna’s album will be equally explosive and has high words of praise for Hesham Abdul Wahab.

“Hesham is a perfect fit for a film of this genre in the entire country. All the songs that are out till now come in the first half. He created a new world, soul in the second half through sound. The aspects we wanted to underline in the script came through effortlessly through his music. The soul of love stories are always the songs, he (Hesham) is the lifeline of our film,” Nani adds.

Nani reportedly didn’t even know that the director Shouryuv completed his MBBS and even wrote a story when he was barely 10. “I didn’t even ask if he’s experienced. I had a gut feeling and trusted he would execute what he said.” He labels his young co-star and child artiste Kiara Khanna as a perfect kid, who is mature and innocent at once. He even threw light on her strategy to perform in emotional scenes.

“Kiara used to miss her sister a lot on sets because she stayed in Delhi. Her mom used to show her sister’s photo before an emotional scene and she used to come to the set crying. We too didn’t want to let her stay in that zone for long and wanted to wrap it up quickly. She’ll move audiences to tears,” the star states. Nani assures he won’t disappoint crowds, asked them to watch the film with their friends and family.

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