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Naseeruddin Shah says that he has no intention to watch The Kerala Story: 'Muslim hating is fashionable these days'

Admist the controversy around Adah Sharma starerr The Kerala Story, Naseeruddin Shah has spoken about living in worrying times.

Naseeruddin Shah says that he has no intention to watch The Kerala Story: 'Muslim hating is fashionable these days'
Naseeruddin Shah: The Kerana Story

Last Updated: 05.42 PM, May 31, 2023


Before it was even released, the Sudipto Sen-directed movie, The Kerala Story, sparked a significant uproar. It was even demanded to be banned from theatres, according to some. The film's plot is on three women who are brainwashed, converted to Islam, and then forced to join ISIS. 

The Kerala Story's producers struggled to get the movie into theatres, but they were ultimately successful because of the film's enormous box office success. A few famous people also spoke out against the movie, calling it "propaganda." Naseeruddin Shah recently expressed his opinions on the use of cinema as a propaganda tool.

The actor has severely slammed Sudipto Sen's controversial film The Kerala Story and stated that he has no intention of watching it. The actor previously told indianexpress that hatred towards Muslims is "fashionable" in today's society. He told the portal, “These are worrying times absolutely. The kind of stuff that’s pure, undisguised propaganda is being lapped up and it’s a reflection of the zeitgeist of the times. Muslim-hating is fashionable these days, even among educated people. It’s what the ruling party has very cleverly tapped into this nerve. We talk about secular this, democracy that, so why are you introducing religion into everything?” 

 when asked Naseeruddin Shah about how he sees this trend, he told India Today, “Worthwhile films like Bheed, Afwaah, Faraaz, all three collapsed. Nobody went to see them, but they are flocking to see The Kerala Story which I have not seen, and I don’t intend to see, because I have read enough about it.” 

However, Naseeruddin Shah expressed optimism that things will ultimately transform for the better. “On the flip side, I have hope that this atmosphere of hate gets fatiguing. How long can you go on spreading hate? I think and I hope that the way it has suddenly engulfed us all, it will also disappear. But it won’t be soon,” the actor stated.

When it comes to The Kerala Story, the movie has become a hit. The movie made the second-highest domestic box office revenue of the year after crossing the Rs 200 crore mark. Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, and other important actors play key roles in the movie. The film is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. 

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