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Naveen Kasturia: I couldn’t imagine Pitchers without Jitendra Kumar

Naveen Kasturia reprised his iconic role after seven years in the second season.

Naveen Kasturia: I couldn’t imagine Pitchers without Jitendra Kumar
A still from Pitchers
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 02.33 AM, Jan 17, 2023

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Pitchers, which launched Naveen Kasturia into the public eye seven years ago, have helped him gain experience and more talent. The actor had a big year because he was in both the much-anticipated sequel to Pitchers and the second season of Breathe: Into the Shadows. He discusses the seven-year wait for the second installment and the audience's response.

During an interaction with Mid Day, Naveen was asked if the seven-year wait for Pitchers' upcoming season was worthwhile. The actor said that he's glad it finally took place and that they avoided trying to replicate what they accomplished in season one. This time, the approach was different, as were the team, crew, and cast.

On being asked if the response to season 2 is comparable to that of the first episode, Naveen went on to say that his career began in 2015 when Pitchers first appeared. The pulse was fairly strong in 2021 when Aspirants first appeared on YouTube. Both were not promoted. There was a flurry in the audience as Pitchers Season 2 began. Since it premiered on ZEE5, the actor has been receiving messages, but it's hard for him to tell how well the show is doing.

The ratings have ranged from fair to excellent. Some individuals thought it was superior to the first season, while others didn't like it as much. Positive comments regarding it have come from people he respects. Naveen's friends thought the presentation was mature and praised his acting. He's delighted there weren't any jokes this season. The actor prefers genuine drama to laughs and practical jokes. However, he personally found it to be better than the first season.

When asked what the product is that is shown in Pitchers, Naveen said he didn't know. The actor thinks that's why it took so long to write. The storyline centred around education when they first discussed this concept five years ago, but it eventually got out of date. The staff back then was different, and Biswapati Sarkar wrote the plot. The new team has adopted a distinctive strategy. At one point, one group of writers was creating a drama with a product in mind, while another group was doing the opposite. In the end, they were drawn to the second strategy.

Naveen said that he was shocked to find out that Jitendra Kumar wasn't on the team this season, which is why there have been so many changes. Without him, Pitchers is unimaginable to the actor. From the director to the writer to the crew, the previous gang was missing. Raghav Subbu directed Kota Factory, and Prem Mistry, who worked as the art director, is now a director. They were all assistant directors on Pitchers 1.

Naveen concluded by saying that Pitchers should have a third season because they left so many cliffhangers. But ultimately, the producers will make that decision.