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Neel and Trina’s latest video wins hearts

They danced to the song Aha Mahi Re in a Reels video

Neel and Trina’s latest video wins hearts
Neel and Trina

Last Updated: 12.22 AM, Mar 08, 2023


Rumors regarding the breakup of Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha have been floating in Tollywood for the last few months. Many assumed that their marriage of two years was falling apart. They spent the second anniversary apart. However, On February 14, Neel shared a photo of them together with a sarcastic caption. Later, in an interview with OTTplay, the actor explained how inferences drawn from their social media handles have become a bane in their lives. 

After Valentine’s Day, the couple again came together with the Holi wishes. They danced to the song Aha Mahi Re in a Reels video. The couple came together at a friend's pre-wedding party. They danced there. Neel was wearing an off-white sherwani. Trina wore a blue lehenga with a silver jacket. The fans were elated seeing them together. Someone wrote, “After a long time I watched the reels of Trineel. I always wait for it. Both of you look sweet.” Someone wrote to Trina, “Didibhai, I feel so good! I heard the rumor but did not believe it. Khorkuto was a serial that I never missed. That was the first serial I watched fully. I pray to god so that I can meet you. Stay well.” Someone else wrote, “It filled my heart. You are my favorite couple.” Some of the fans labeled Neel and Trina as the best couple. 

Previously, when asked about his relationship with Trina, Neel answered, “People have immense curiosity about us. Every one of us goes through different times. Do we need to bring everything on social media?'” He also said, “I may put a smiling photo, but that may not mean I am happy. We give those things to social media that please people. If something big happens in our life, we will let everyone know. But nothing should be assumed like this. Judging someone like this is wrong.” 

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