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Neetu Kapoor: JugJugg Jeeyo is the only film that I am doing for myself

Neetu Kapoor revealed that she agreed to be a part of the film to help her cope with her grief post Rishi Kapoor's death.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 06.41 AM, Jun 20, 2022

Neetu Kapoor: JugJugg Jeeyo is the only film that I am doing for myself
Neetu Kapoor/Instagram

Neetu Kapoor has appeared in several films over the years, including Do Dooni Chaar (2010), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012), and Besharam (2013). Referring to her soon-to-be-released film, Jugjugg Jeeyo, Neetu explained to Mid Day that she did Do Dooni Chaar for Rishi Kapoor. For Ranbir, she did Besharam and she did Jab Tak Hai Jaan for Aditya Chopra because the character was negative and they required a positive personality to portray it with empathy. But she is simply doing JugJugg Jeeyo for herself.

After the death of her husband, Rishi Kapoor, in 2020, the veteran actor claims she agreed to be a part of the film to help her cope with her grief. The actor further told the tabloid that she wants to be content. It's difficult to cope with the loss of a spouse one met while they were in their teens. Neetu has been with Rishi since she was 15. For the first time in a long time, she was alone. Next month, the Kabhi Kabhi actor will be 64 years old. It's a friendship that spans decades, from adolescence to adulthood. Neetu doesn't want to worry her kids, so working is her way of assuring them that everything is fine. They relax a little when they see her having fun at work, speaking with the paparazzi, and promoting the movie.

It hasn't been easy for Neetu to move on from her personal pain, she admits. Her emotional burden as the primary caretaker for her late husband, Rishi Kapoor, who battled illness, was heavy. After his death, the actress reveals that she felt her life had no meaning.

She said that she doesn't think anyone who hasn't been in a caregiver's shoes can comprehend what she has gone through emotionally. Neetu would have been knocked out. At her house, they hosted a dinner party, and Karan Johar, who is the producer of the film, was there. The filmmaker insisted on being the film's narrator. Neetu would have said no if he hadn't been in such a bad mood. However, the script persuaded her, and as soon as she said yes, she mentally began to prepare for the role. The actor stopped thinking about what she had lost, one day at a time. It is true that the devil's factory is an idle mind. The memories of what she had gone through had faded.

Rishi was the centre of her existence and routine: holidays, lunches, and weekends. Neetu didn't have a reliable person to whom she could turn. As a result, the actor became self-sufficient in several ways. The movie arrived at precisely the right time for me, and it also instilled in her the belief that she can accomplish more of this.

Neetu was nervous about showing up on the set of the film on the first day. It was a nightmare, and she was trembling at the prospect of seeing this movie. One is not strong when their partner leaves them. When Neetu began working on this, she was not yet healed. However, for this film, everything worked out well. The actor has a lot of patience, which is one of her best qualities. She is not someone who gets fatigued easily as she has been performing since she was a kid. Normally, the camera is the source of the problem, but that was not the case with her. She has worked on around 80 films, and it's as if the camera and sets are a second home. However, emoting necessitates precise adjustment and confidence, and thus the movie has restored her faith in herself.