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Netflix's Rebel Moon director Zack Snyder wants to make The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil and more - But Will James Gunn and Kevin Feige allow?

Zack Snyder has now revealed what he wishes to do if ever hired by DCU or MCU and we want James Gunn and Kevin Feige to see this. 

Netflix's Rebel Moon director Zack Snyder wants to make The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil and more - But Will James Gunn and Kevin Feige allow?
Batman v Superman still, Zack Snyder on sets of Man Of Steel, and Daredevill still,

Last Updated: 04.40 PM, Nov 30, 2023


One has to be actually living under a rock if they don’t know the friction between Warner Bros and Zack Snyder, and how his SnyderVerse was made to meet an abrupt end because the studio couldn’t align with his idea. You might now be a DC fan but would still know the controversy. Having moved on from the time he was in charge to shape the future of Superman, Batman, and others under the DCEU wing, Snyder is now bringing us Rebel Moon on Netflix, a project divided into two parts.  

However, the fact that he still is the man who gave us Henry Cavill as Superman and edged him so much in our conscious that we are having a tough time accepting David Corenswet (Superman: Legacy), is enough to convince you that he does deserve to not just return to DCU but also have a chance at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview, Zack Snyder revealed what movies he would like to direct in both studios if he gets the chance. But we also have a question.

Here’s What Zack Snyder Said

As per Comic Book Movie, Zack Snyder reflected on the superhero culture, and how the genre hasn’t evolved at all. He admits "I don’t have the excitement for it that I used to have." But he also confirms that if James Gunn ever calls him to join the DCU as a filmmaker, he would want to make a comic-accurate take on The Dark Knight Returns, only if it's "a true representation of the graphic novel." 

Zack Snyder also revealed what projects he would want to work on if he is called by Kevin Feige for MCU projects. He wants to make Daredevil and Elektra. For the latter, he wants to adapt Frank Miller's Elektra Lives Again. 

But Will James Gunn (DCU) & Kevin Feige (MCU) Ever Call?

Considering the history Zack Snyder shares with DCU, after he quit Justice League (2017) midway through production and all the drama that followed, Warner Bros calling him is a tall order. However, Gunn and Peter Safran are two artistic heads and if they feel Zack is the only man who can shape some project, you never know. But the possibility is rare. 

As for Kevin Feige, he has no reason to ignore Zack Snyder because at the moment one thing that Marvel needs is directors with the direction towards a better-arched future. Snyder and his ways of building origin stories have been appreciated for years now. Both Daredevil and Elektra are in their adolescent stage for the MCU, it isn’t impossible to bring the Rebel Moon director in. 

Only time will tell what unfolds. Rebel Moon: Part One: A Child of Fire will be released on Netflix on December 22, 2023. Till then, stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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