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Netizens disappointed with scene-by-scene recreation of Evaru in Yadha Yadha Hi

The trailer of the Vasishta N Simha, Hariprriya and Diganth starrer was released on May 21, ahead of the film’s June 2 theatrical outing

Netizens disappointed with scene-by-scene recreation of Evaru in Yadha Yadha Hi
Netizens point out that the Kannada versio is a scene by scene remake

Last Updated: 01.01 PM, May 22, 2023


Last evening, the trailer of the upcoming Kannada film Yadha Yadha Hi was released. Starring Vasishta N Simha, Hariprriya and Diganth in the lead, the film has, for long, been referred to as the official Kannada remake of the Telugu film Evaru. Yet, at the trailer launch, the team kept saying that the film is based on a novel, which was also source material for Evaru and the Hindi film Badlaa. It was said that the subject had been adapted keeping in mind the sensibilities of Kannada audiences.

Vasishta and Hariprriya in a still from the film
Vasishta and Hariprriya in a still from the film

When the trailer came out, though, Kannada audiences were in for disappointment, though. The film, they said, is going to be a scene-by-scene remake of Evaru, as the trailer was also cut in similar fashion as that of the Telugu original. “Incredibly Disappointing!! This film is merely a scene-to-scene remake, with even the trailer cut mirroring the Evaru trailer. The Kannada dubbed version of Evaru is available on YouTube. So, there's no point in watching this film in theatre.” was a comment, while another chimed in, “@diganthmanchale @ImSimhaa @HariPrriya6, one request to all 3 of you, please don't accept these kind of scene to scene copy remake scripts. you ppl are talented, go for short films, webseries, but please don't do these kind of movies. For whose sake you ppl did this copy paste??” Other comments ranged from “Evaru ✌I think no need to do remake Film diganth great versatile actor he deserve best new stories”, to “Pan India anoo concept nalliroo janaruu ella language movie na nodthidare evaga entha time nalli Remeke ( Evaru ) Yakee sir”, “Why these folks are spoiling name of kfi by doing remakes?”, “yake sumne telghu movie na remake madthira nange anthu gothilla producers ge yen uppayoga antha waste time and money”, “Dear movie team already e movie kannada dali voice dub agide tumba jana nodidare nanu kooda”.


Evaru, meanwhile, was the Telugu adaptation of the Spanish film The Invisible Guest. “In Evaru, Venkat Ramji changed the story/screenplay to suit the nativity & I must say that was a brilliant adaptation. Yadha Yadha Hi is a REMAKE of Evaru 😅 the creativity is so high that they even copied the trailer cut of Evaru,” wrote a user.

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