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New Kannada movies releasing in theatres this week [May 10, 2024]

Here’s the list of the latest Kannada movies in theatres this week

New Kannada movies releasing in theatres this week [May 10, 2024]
Two thrillers and a comedy entertainer are on this week's Kannada film releases

Last Updated: 01.19 PM, May 06, 2024


In the second week of May, there are three new Kannada films coming to theatres. There's Ramana Avatara, Grey Games and 4N6. While Ramana Avatara was the first to book May 10, it was followed by Sharan's Choo Mantar and then Grey Games. But then the makers of the horror comedy Choo Mantar decided against going though with this date and that is how 4N6 came into the picture. 

Here's a look at the theatrical releases of the week 

Ramana Avatara Vikas Pampapathi Rishi, Pranitha Subhash Theatrical May 10, 2024
Grey Games Gangadhar Salimath Vijay Raghavendra, Bhavanaa Raaoh Theatrical May 10, 2024
4N6 Darshan Srinivas Rachana Inder, Bhavani Prakash Theatrical May 10, 2024

Ramana Avatara

Director Vikas Pampapathi's feel-good entertainer follows Rishi as Rama Krishna and what he does to try and stop youngsters from his village from migrating to the city. 

Cast: Rishi, Pranitha Subhash, Shubra Aiyappa, Arun Sagar

Theatrical Release: May 10, 2024


Grey Games

Director Gangadhar Salimath's thriller follows a youngster's quest to uncover the mystery behind his girlfriend's death, albeit in the metaverse.

Cast: Jai Gopinath, Vijay Raghavendra, Shruthi Prakash, Bhavanaa Raaoh

Theatrical Release: May 10, 2024


An investigation into a series of murders goes haywire, when the perpetrator tampers with evidence found at the crime scenes. Can the police and their forensic investigator get to the bottom of this?

Cast: Bhavani Prakash, Rachana Inder

Theatrical release: May 10, 2024

Here's the list of earlier Kannada film releases that are still in theatres  

Usire Usire

Actor and Celebrity Cricket League star Rajeev Hanu leads this interfaith love story directed by CM Vijay, in which he is paired with Srijitha Ghosh. The film’s biggest selling point, though, is that Kiccha Sudeep has a pivotal role.

Theatrical Release: May 3, 2024


Adityaa plays an investigative officer yet again in Kangaroo. The actor, who is widely known for his action skills, has said that the highlight of Kangaroo is that he has no action at all in it. Instead, it is about how he cracks a case of over 100 missing people, many of who later died. The film, which is a Sadhu Kokila musical, also stars Ranjani Raghavan as his wife, along with Ashwin Hassan, Nagendra Urs, Shivamani, among others.

Theatrical Release: May 3, 2024


Yuva Rajkumar’s launchpad is still running in select theatres, although it is now available on OTT also. Directed by Santhosh Ananddram, this Hombale Films production also stars Sapthami Gowda, Kishore, Gopalkrishna Deshpande and Sudharani, among others.

Theatrical Release: March 29, 2024


Led by Ashika Ranganath, the medical thriller O2 is the last film that the late Puneeth Rajkumar had greenlit for his banner. Directed by Prashant and Raghav, the film has the latter in a pivotal role, along with Praveen Tej, Siri Ravikumar and Puneeth BA.

Theatrical Release: April 5, 2024

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