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Niti Taylor, Rajiv Adatia and more TV celebs slam Bigg Boss 17 makers for dragging Munawar Faruqui-Ayesha Khan’s relationship

Munawar Faruqui-Ayesha Khan’s relationship is being unnecessarily dragged on Bigg Boss Season 17, feel many television celebrities. Here is why.

Niti Taylor, Rajiv Adatia and more TV celebs slam Bigg Boss 17 makers for dragging Munawar Faruqui-Ayesha Khan’s relationship

Niti Taylor, Rajiv Adatia, and more TV celebs slam Bigg Boss 17 makers.

Last Updated: 06.34 PM, Jan 11, 2024


Let us just be honest. Bigg Boss Season 17 is just encircling the lives of people with troubled relationships. First, let’s talk about Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain who feel unsure about their future as a married couple. Time and again, they have mentioned on the show how they might end up getting a divorce from each other soon.

Next up in line is Isha Malviya – who remains unsure whether she wants a future with her current boyfriend Samarth Jurel or her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kumar. The fight between the three is so heightened that Abhishek accidentally even slapped Samarth on the show. Instead of calming down after this incident, Isha alleged how Abhishek harassed her in the past and Samarth dives into his toxic behaviour.

Furthermore, Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan have got no chills. Almost every day, the two accuse each other of cheating/two-timing with other girls/boys during their dating phase. In the last episode, Munawar and Ayesha cried immensely and blamed each other for destroying each other’s public image.

The only contestants who are not embroiled in any controversy are Mannara Chopra and Arun Mahashettey.

Social media reactions

Famous television star Niti Taylor today bashed Bigg Boss 17 makers for hampering the personal lives of contestants on the show. On Instagram, she wrote, “It's disheartening to witness the public scrutiny of someone's personal life on a reality show. Criticizing and demeaning a person, despite claiming to love them, sends conflicting messages to today's generation. Love should not translate into public degradation.”

Famous television star Rajiv Adatia wrote, “Munawar has said sorry more than 50xs Ayesha! Bass karo! Don’t destroy someone’s life like this, it’s not good! Abhishek and Mannara are the only ones concerned about him! People make mistakes man! Don’t do this!! It’s not right! Bigg boss has got too personal.”

Niti Taylor's Instagram Story.
Niti Taylor's Instagram Story.

TV star Rashmi Desai slammed Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law for always finding faults in her instead of her own son. Only time will tell where the future of the game lies.

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