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No OTT buyers for Adah Sharma's The Kerala Story?

The movie is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and directed by Sudipto Sen.

No OTT buyers for Adah Sharma's The Kerala Story?
The Kerala Story

Last Updated: 08.15 AM, Jun 25, 2023


On May 5, The Kerala Story opened in theatres amidst all the controversy surrounding it. Since its release, it has generated a clamour at the box office. The movie even reached the Rs 200 crore club. 

The Kerala Story, directed by Sudipto Sen, generated a lot of talk when it was first released and did well at the box office. The film's makers, however, have yet to get any favourable response from OTT platforms. Yes! You read that right, the makers are struggling to find any suitable buyers for the film. 

In a recent interview, when the director of the film, Sudipto, was asked about the OTT release of the film, he told Bollywood Hungama, “We still haven’t got a suitable offer from any OTT platform for The Kerala Story.” He further added, "We are still waiting for a good workable deal from any of the main OTT platforms. But so far, we have not got any offer worth considering. It seems the film industry has ganged up to punish us. Our box office success has irked many sections of the film industry. We have a feeling that a section of the entertainment industry has united to punish us for our success.”

Earlier, when we asked Adah Sharma if the film ‘The Kerala Story’s OTT rights has been acquired by Zee 5? She exclusively told OTTplay, "No, it's actually not sold yet to any of the OTT platforms. There was no selling that happened of the film to any OTT platform, as much as I know of it."

A source also informed the leading daily, “The Kerala Story did fare well at the box office; however, the topic of the film and its subject matter is something that could invoke a tremendous amount of ire from a certain section of the audience. Given this fact no major OTT player is ready to acquire the film.” 

The source also revealed that The Kerala Story comes off as a propaganda film, while OTT channels have been focused on more educated, thought-provoking, and entertaining issues. This is another reason why The Kerala Story is not finding takers on OTT. A movie like The Kerala Story does not fit into the genres in this situation, added the source. 

Meanwhile, Adah Sharma's portrayal of a Hindu woman from Kerala is the focus of The Kerala Story. She is transferred to Syria where she is coerced into converting to Islam and forced to join the terrorist group ISIS. There, she suffers torment. The movie is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and directed by Sudipto Sen. 

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