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Nusrat Jahan: Yash introduces routine in son Yishaan’s life

The actress says she wants to keep her son away from the limelight 

Nusrat Jahan: Yash introduces routine in son Yishaan’s life
Yash and Nusrat Jahan
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Last Updated: 01.06 PM, Mar 23, 2023

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Tollywood actress-turn-MP Nusrat Jahan started a new life with actor Yash. Soon after her break up with Nikhil Jain, she announced her pregnancy. Speculations over the father of her child reached their peak. But the resilient actress kept quiet on the father’s identification and emphasise that her identity is good enough for the child. Her son Yishaan was born on August 26, 2021. Later, Yishaan’s birth certificate registered Yash as his father. Nusrat and Yash’s affair was common knowledge by then. 

How is Yash as a father? In an interview with a magazine, Nusrat said that Yash is brilliant as a father. He is caring. “When he is at work, he calls up constantly to know about Yishaan's whereabouts,” said the actress. 

Nusrat further added that Yash is responsible for bringing Yishaan’s life into a routine. The father has made a routine for his son and keeps track of the routine followed. Yash also takes care of the eating time and sleeping time of Yishaan. 

Nusrat confessed that both Yash and she call up Yishaan’s nanny multiple times to know how he is doing. “I feel empty when Yishaan is not around,” said the actress. 

Yash and Nusrat decided to bring up their child as normally as possible keeping him away from the limelight. “I want his childhood to be normal. We did not want him to feel that he is the son of two stars. That’s why his photos are yet not revealed,” she said in the interview. Yishaan will soon go to school and his parents said they would still want to keep their son away from photographers.