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On Mother's Day, Chiranjeevi reveals his mother's influence on him becoming a megastar

My mother is the Wi-Fi connection of our family, says Chiranjeevi

On Mother's Day, Chiranjeevi reveals his mother's influence on him becoming a megastar

Chiranjeevi with mother Anjana Devi

Last Updated: 01.16 PM, May 14, 2023


Megastar Chiranjeevi has come up the hard way in life. On many occasions, he credits the success to his mother Anjana Devi, who went through hell to raise her family. Now that it is Mother's Day, Chiranjeevi has once again spoken in detail about his mother and how she still guards his family.

Speaking to a local daily, Chiranjeevi says his mother acts as a Wi-Fi in her family and connects everyone. The star hero also adds that it is his mother who calls all the family members on a daily basis and finds out how they are doing. Chiranjeevi says  for his mother family comes first and especially after his father passed away, Anjana Devi has been the go to person in life and has guided him in every step of reaching to the top.

Chiranjeevi with his mother and siblings
Chiranjeevi with his mother and siblings

On the other hand, Anjana Devi says that Chiranjeevi worked so hard in life and took care of the family to date without any complaint. She is super happy that her family is into films and Pawan Kalyan, her last son is aiming high in politics. But at the end of the day, Anajana Devi says that it is Chiranjeevi who is her favorite as he has given his life to the well being of his family.

Chiranjeevi has two brothers, Pawan Kalyan and Naga Babu. He also has two sisters whose kids are also into films. As it is mother's day, everyone is sending warm wishes to their mothers and Chiranjeevi is no different. Career wise, megastar Chiranjeevi will next be seen in a film called Bholaa Shankar that will be out on August 11th this year.

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