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'One Friday...': Mangalavaaram's Priyadarshi Pulikonda reveals how the film changed his life

Directed by Ajay Bhupathi, Payal Rajput headlines Mangalavaaram, which opened to positive reviews from viewers upon its theatrical release on November 17

'One Friday...': Mangalavaaram's Priyadarshi Pulikonda reveals how the film changed his life
Priyadharshi about Mangalavaaram

Last Updated: 03.47 PM, Nov 22, 2023


The Payal Rajput-starrer Mangalavaaram, which is helmed by new-age filmmaker Ajay Bhupathi, was released in pan-Indian theaters on November 17. The thriller has been generating buzz due to its blockbuster reception from the very first day. Now, the latest is that the man behind Malacchamma's character has been revealed.

Revealed: The man behind Mangalavaaram's Malacchamma

The huge mystery surrounding the face behind the masked man in the film has been the subject of intense speculation. Anticipation about this was high even before the film hit the big screens. Those who have watched the movie have maintained a commendable silence, shielding the twist from social media. The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted, revealing that Priyadarshi Pulikonda plays Malacchamma in the film. The actor took off his mask during the success celebrations, and chief guest Vishwak Sen unmasked Priyadarshi.

Priyadharshi expresses gratitude for the positive reception of Mangalavaram

Expressing his gratitude, Priyadarshi thanked the audience and media for not revealing the film's spoilers. The actor said, “During the pre-release ceremony, Ajay Bhupathi requested everyone not to disclose the twists, and the media, particularly, has adhered to this request. I appreciate them for that. This has been a unique experience for me. When narrating the story, I believed I was playing Puli, a character I truly admire. I also appreciate the role of photographer Vasu. Payal had to do auditions to play Shailu, and I know there were many contenders. Ajay Bhupathi's satisfaction was evident upon her arrival”.

The actor continued, “The entire cast and crew, including other artists and technicians, have contributed a lot to the film’s success. Mangalavaaram is a cinematic experience that is best enjoyed in theatres. Every actor looks forward to that one Friday in their career, and for me, Mangalavaaram is a film that I will cherish throughout my life. The credit for this goes to Ajay Bhupathi.”


Mangalavaaram's story

The events of Mangalavaaram take place in a small village where every Tuesday, mysterious murders occur. Nanditha Swetha, who plays a police officer, arrives on the scene to look into this. The story then goes into the past, introducing Shailu (Payal Rajput), a village belle. Her love affair with a school teacher (Ajamal Aamir) and subsequent betrayal set off a chain of unfortunate events in Shailu's life, which are intricately connected to the deaths in the village.

Payal Rajput: Mangalavaaram is a path-breaking film in Telugu cinema

In an interview with OTTplay prior to the film's release, Payal said that this was a unique Telugu film. “A subject like Mangalavaaram has never been tried before in the Telugu film industry. The twists and turns will keep you hooked on your seats. I am very nervous and curious to see how the audience will receive the film,” Payal said.

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