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Oscars 2024 – A Rs 41 lakh Switzerland Chalet stay to Rs 8.1 lakh micro needling treatment; here’s everything the Rs1.4 crore gift bags include

All 20 Oscars 2024 nominees will take home a bag worth Rs 1.4 crores and here’s everything that they are getting. 

Oscars 2024 – A Rs 41 lakh Switzerland Chalet stay to Rs 8.1 lakh micro needling treatment; here’s everything the Rs1.4 crore gift bags include
Oscars 2024 Gift Bag

Last Updated: 06.21 PM, Mar 10, 2024


As we inch closer to the Oscars night, the buzz is getting louder, the updates are getting wilder, and the excitement to know who wins gets more intense by the minute. We want to know everything that is happening in and around the big night that will take place in Hollywood on March 10. So as we keep guessing and predicting the winners of the night, a new update now talks about a bag that all the 20 nominees are going to get at The Academy Awards 2024. The said bag is worth $180,000, which converts to Rs 1.4 crore, and includes some very fascinating things.


For the uninitiated, every year at the Oscars, the nominees walk home with a hamper that is curated differently every year. But one thing is common: the said hamper is expensive and includes some top-notch luxurious items, including hotel stays, spas, products, and much more. This year, the bag is worth a whopping Rs 1.4 crore, and the most expensive thing in it is a stay at a hotel in Switzerland worth Rs 41 lakh INR.

So, as we gear up for the big night of Oscars 2024, let’s look at the eight expensive luxury items that the bag includes and will be given to the 20 nominees who will be walking the red carpet tonight.

  • The most expensive gift of the year this time is the three-night stay at Chalet Zermatt Peak, situated in Switzerland and is worth a whopping $50,000 (Rs 41 Lakh). To give you an insight, Chalet Zermatt Peak is a hotel that is the winner of the Best Ski Chalet from the World Ski Awards. The nominees who get the stay in the Chalet will get the entire chalet for themselves, and what is even more interesting is that each one can bring up to nine guests with them.
  • Additionally to the Chalet Zermatt Peak, the nominees will also get an invitation for a seven-day stay at Southern California’s Golden Door Spa. The stay is worth $24,000 (Rs 19 lakh INR). The said spa includes massages, farm-to-table meals, and mindfulness and wellness classes.
  • The bag also includes a portable Schwank Grill that is worth $1,350 (Rs 1 lakh).
  • There is also an Elboque bag that is worth $335 (about Rs 27,000). The bag is handmade by master artisans.
  • Mentalist Carl Christman’s live show that costs $25,000 (Rs 20 lakh). This includes a combination of magic, mind-reading, comedy, and hypnosis.
  • A lavish micro-needling treatment from Cynosure that is worth $10,000 (about Rs 8.2 lakh). The treatment is useful to minimize the signs of aging, and blemishes, tighten, and revitalize your skin.
  • Miage skincare that is worth $515 (about Rs 42,000).
  • There is also a retro-themed 50th-anniversary Rubik’s vibe that features the puzzle’s original logo and color scheme. It is worth Rs 1,200.
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