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Oscars 2024 – Christopher Nolan finally wins Best Director for Oppenheimer and yes, we can't believe this is his first!

Christopher Nolan took home the trophy for the Best Director at the Oscars 2024 and this is surprisingly his first. 

Oscars 2024 – Christopher Nolan finally wins Best Director for Oppenheimer and yes, we can't believe this is his first!
Christopher Noland Wins Best Director

Last Updated: 08.31 AM, Mar 11, 2024


If there is one movie that has managed to make a massive Oscar buzz that only a few can, it has to be Christopher Nolan's directorial Oppenheimer who starred some of the biggest stars from Hollywood. Now as we have finally witnessed the day when the Oscars 2024 unfolded, we know that history has been made not once but multiple times tonight, and while we were prepared for some, we were clueless about one particular that caught us off-guard. 

Christopher Nolan Wins Best Director

Christopher Nolan has won an Oscar in the Best Director category this year and to our collective shock, this is the first time the filmmaker has ever won in this category! The news has sent happy waves across the world as fans had lapped up his bomb saga upon its release and it was one of the most buzz-making movies of the year.


Yes, you are reading exactly what you cannot believe. We were all pumped up and somewhere knew that this is going to be the year where Christopher Nolan would for sure win the Best Director trophy for Oppenheimer. But none of us were prepared to discover that the filmmaker has never won a single trophy in the Best Director’s category. This means he has not just made a classic and a massive box office with his Cillian Murphy classic but also made some history with the same. However, to not confuse you, the films made by the filmmaker have won the Oscars but not in the Best Director category.

Christopher Nolan Oscar History.

While the films he has made have won in all 11 Oscars over the years in various categories, there was never a Best Director trophy in the kitty. The filmmaker has been nominated twice in the category, first for Dunkirk in 2018 when he was defeated by Guillermo del Toro who had his Shape Of Water in the contention. The second time he was nominated for Oppenheimer and turns out he is the winner.

Oppenheimer has managed to make it big at the night. The movie that stars Cillian Murphy in the lead was nominated in 13 categories and has managed to back 7 of them including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Editing and four more major awards. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more from the Oscars and everything from the world of streaming and films.

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