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Met Gala 2024 - Shekhar Kapur calls out fashion event; says his shelved film Paani was about the same conflict

Shekhar Kapur, an iconic Indian filmmaker, has now shared his thoughts about the Met Gala 2024 in a long post. 

Met Gala 2024 - Shekhar Kapur calls out fashion event; says his shelved film Paani was about the same conflict
Shekhar Kapur calls out Met Gala 2024

Last Updated: 03.27 PM, May 07, 2024


While a lot unfolds across the globe—good, bad, and ugly—the majority have been hooked on the Met Gala 2024 happening in the West today. Regarded as a fashion holy pilgrimage of sorts, the first weekend of every May is marked as a gala that captures the world’s attention. This year, celebs from across the world walked the prestigious red carpet following the Garden of Time theme. 

With Zendaya holding a position of power, we also saw Alia Bhatt walk the carpet wearing her finely crafted Sabyasachi outfit. But while this mega event unfolds, there is also a situation of distress happening on the other side of the same world that has been shaking us to the core. Veteran filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has now shared his thoughts about the same and called out the Met for turning a blind eye to the atrocities unfolding in Gaza.

Shekhar Kapur Takes a Stand Against Met Gala

Shekhar Kapur took to his Instagram account and questioned the elites about the world they are living in. He also called out the channels for not showing the protests that happened outside the Met Museum today. In his long post, sharing a picture of Zendaya from the Met Gala 2024 and a picture of children from Gaza, he wrote, “Please do see both the completely contrasting pics in this post. As I was watching a documentary on children begging for food in Gaza and the threat of severe famine there, the other channel was showing the glitz, glamour, and over-the-top fashion madness of the Met Gala in New York."

“If you flip between the two pics, you’ll get the feeling that the starving little kid is looking up to Zendaya... It’s a struggle. It tears you apart. Which world do you live in? Is it okay for there to be two acceptable realities of the same world?” Shekhar Kapur added.

Emphasising the fact that his shelved film Paani (which also involved Sushant Singh Rajput at one point) was also about this issue, he continued, “Of course, the channels did not show the protests going on outside the Met Gala at the same time. For the absolute sanctity of this event must be hidden from the real world outside... Yet, I have to question myself... I am not starving, yet I am not far from those that are, as I am sure most reading this post are not either. Would I not go to the Met Gala if I was invited? I am asking myself these questions a lot these days. My film Paani is a true representation of this conflict... both these could be images from that film. Why is the film not being made? I tried to... maybe I did not try hard enough.”

The post has been receiving a great response from followers and netizens and also got a reaction from Heeramandi star Manisha Koirala, who commented, “Thank you for your heart. We need more people writing about what we are actually feeling.”

Met Gala 2024 has been a star-studded event, with the who's who of the tinsel town from across the globe attending it. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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