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Paashbalish trailer: Ishaa Saha, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, and Saurav Das’s show swings between love and hatred

Ishaa Saha, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, and Saurav Das’s show is all set to be released on May 10 on Zee5

Paashbalish trailer: Ishaa Saha, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, and Saurav Das’s show swings between love and hatred
Rishi Kaushik, Sourav Das, Ishaa Saha, Suhatro Mukherjee during the promotion of Paashbalish

Last Updated: 07.31 PM, May 04, 2024


Ishaa Saha, Sourav Das, Suhatra Mukhopadhyay, and Rishi Kaushik are all set with their brand new show, Paashbalish, on Zee5. Directed by Korok Murmu, the show is set to release on May 10. The trailer was dropped recently at an event in Kolkata.

The trailer shows Arijit Singh Chandu (or Babla, played by Suhotro) as a village singer. He delves into the memory of Mampi (Also Anchal), played by Ishaa Saha. It seems that these two characters have known each other from their past. However, in the present time, there is a political clash between two leaders – played by Saurav Das and Shankar Debnath. And then there is a police officer, played by Rishi Kaushik.


Ishaa said, “Bringing Anchal’s character to life has been amazing. I resonate deeply with her multifaceted persona – she is daring, sensitive, and independent. In the show, she is a journalism topper from Calcutta University and has returned to her native town to work for her community. Promoting this web series in Kolkata has been an absolute delight! The emotional connection that every Bengali can share with my character, Anchal, is akin to the warmth and enthusiasm I witness in the people here. She is a strong-willed woman who fights for her beliefs and never shies away from standing up for what's right.”

Meanwhile, Suhatro said, “As an actor, every character I portray becomes a part of me, and their stories resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. It's a profound journey to bring these characters to life and share their emotional arcs, from moments of separation to the joy of reunion, showcasing the unbreakable bonds that connect us all as humans. I'm grateful for the opportunity to take viewers on this heartfelt rollercoaster, delving into the universal themes that touch our souls and enrich our lives.”

Saurav plays the character, Swadesh. “Swadesh is a character close to my heart, and I am grateful for the opportunity to portray his journey of revenge and revolt. He is blinded by cause, revengeful, and multifaceted. As the leader of the Paharbongshi clan, he spearheads the revolution, believing that the end justifies the means. I enjoy playing such interesting and multilayered characters. I hope viewers will also enjoy watching the show,” he said.

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