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Panchayat 3 – Jitendra Kumar’s Sachiv and ‘Bhushan’ Durgesh Kumar fight it out, Watch

Panchayat 3 releases on Amazon Prime Video on May 28

Panchayat 3 – Jitendra Kumar’s Sachiv and ‘Bhushan’ Durgesh Kumar fight it out, Watch
Panchayat 3

Last Updated: 08.56 AM, May 27, 2024


Ahead of Panchayat 3’s release on Amazon Prime Video, the makers have teased an upcoming fight. This is between Sachiv, played by Jitendra Kumar, and Durgesh Kumar’s Bhushan. Sachiv ends up irking an already frustrated Bhushan, and that leads to many events unfolding between them. Some laughs and some what just happened awaits as you watch the promo unveiled by the makers recently.

What happened?

Elections are here, and the current Panchayat sarpanch Sachiv, played by Jitendra Kumar, could end up losing his chair. This happens after he irked Bhushan (Durgesh Kumar). The latter is out on protest and finds ways to not let the villagers vote for Sachiv this time around.

Why is Bhushan angry?

Bhushan cares for his wife, who is fasting for his longer health. Just as she was fasting, Sachiv threw slippers at her. This has irked Bhushan more than ever.

What did Sachiv do about it?

Sachiv got his gang along to talk to Bhushan. Instead of solving the matter internally, the gang bullied Bhushan and he is angrier than ever now.

More incidents

Bhushan tried to taunt Sachiv for his new house. “Aur Sachiv ji, phir pahunch gaye apne naye ghar? Badhiya hai,” he was heard saying. This, of course, did not sit well with Sachiv. Bhushan has wanted his wife to be Pradhan since forever, but their rival currently is. Sachiv, on the other hand, is unaffected with who becomes the Pradhan, but Bhushan feels Sachiv is deep in the politics and this causes clashes between them.


Another instance is when Sachiv tries to educate to not have more than two kids, but Bhushan is already blessed with three children. The slogan says having a third child is like having piles. Bhushan takes offense and feels they call his children piles (bawaasir). This is because Bhushan does not want to vote for Pradhan. He even involves Binod in the matter, and claims to have a huge family, which will affect the votes. Bhushan wants riot in Phulera.

Soon, there’s a fight which breaks out between Neena Gupta’s Manju Devi and Sunita Rajwar’s Kranti Devi. The promo ends with Sachiv throwing shoes on Kranti Devi’s face a second time. Bhushan warns, “Koi nahi, iska bhi hisaab hoga.”

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