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Parno Mittra to play Kajol in Saurav Palodhi’s next, Anko Ki Kothin

According to Saurav Palodhi, the film is three young kids, Shah Rukh and Kajol, and where they go with their dreams

Parno Mittra to play Kajol in Saurav Palodhi’s next, Anko Ki Kothin
Parno Mittrah and Saurav Palodhi

Last Updated: 10.37 AM, Jul 14, 2023


Theatre personality, director, and actor Saurav Palodhi is ready to begin his new film, Anko Ki Kothin. Parno Mittra will play one of the key characters, Kajol, in the film. Besides, it will also feature Shankar Debnath, Prasun, Ushasie Chakraborty, and others in different characters. Produced by Rana Sarkar, the film will go to the floors in September. 

Elaborating on the film, Sourav said, “This is a film about dreams and where they lead us. It delves into the lives of three young children from underprivileged backgrounds. They dream of becoming a doctor, nurse, and engineer, respectively. Their families don’t have the means to support their aspirations, yet these three children try to build a hospital in a dilapidated house in their locality. On the other hand, there are two important characters, Shah Rukh and Kajol – who live in that area and have their share of dreams and hurdles. They want to marry each other, but their respective communities do not support their dreams. Parno plays Kajol, while Prasun – a theatre actor – plays Shah Rukh. All these characters’ dreams will shape the film.” Shankar is the father of a child who wants to be a doctor. Ushasie plays an important character. 

Anko Ki Kothin literally means Math is difficult. “It is not just the calculations of arithmetic and algebra; the quotations of our lives are pretty complicated too. This film talks about marginal people and their lives. It is about their dreams and how they live with that,” Saurav told us.   

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