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Parno Mittrah opens up about working with Chandan Roy Sanyal in Suzie Q

Suzie Q, directed by Chandan Roy Sanyal, is Parno’s first Hindi film.

Parno Mittrah opens up about working with Chandan Roy Sanyal in Suzie Q
Parno Mittrah

Last Updated: 07.27 PM, Dec 16, 2023


Parno Mittrah stepped into Hindi films with Chandan Roy Sanyal’s directorial work, Suzie Q. The film was screened at the 29th Kolkata International Film Festival that took place between December 5-12. Besides, her other film Bonobibi was also screened. 

Suzie Q, directed by Chandan Roy Sanyal, is Parno's first Hindi film. She is hopeful about the film. She talked to Hindustan Times Bangla about the film. She previously worked as Chandan's heroine in Buddhadeb Dasgupta's film Urojahaj. Parno said, “I found the script interesting. There were many things I did not understand at that time and connected them while watching the film in the hall. I never get any role other than a girl from a village in Bengali films.” 

Is it advantageous to work with an old friend? “I worked with Chandan before. I know he thinks differently. There are many layers in his thought which can be found in the script. You will find new elements each time you watch the film. He was fabulous as a director. The friendship of course helped, but all of us are seasoned actors. This was my first work with Prakash Jha. We had a good team. I played the titular role. I was typecast as a village girl. This is a glamorous character. Bonbibi was also screened at the KIFF. The two roles are completely different. This is also exciting to an actress,” said Parno. 

Filmmakers' thoughts are changing with time. Age is no factor nowadays. Parno said, “In the past, casting stopped at 40. Women used to get mother roles in the serials. Their boys’ age used to be 37! Now we progressed a lot and the old taboos are breaking. You look at Tabbuh. People watch the roles she plays. It does not matter what her age is.”

Parno shot for Bonbibi and Suzie Q at the same time and it was challenging. “I shot for Bonbibi for 15 days and then came back to work in Suzzie Q and then again went to shoot for Bonbibi. It was my reward as an actress that I could portray both the roles. That was an exciting job,” she said. 

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