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Parvathy on impact of Kaathal The Core, 'Amid thrill of hate, Mammootty leading with love' - Exclusive

Parvathy suggested that the cultural impact of Kaathal The Core, starring Mammootty and Jyothika, cannot be fully understood immediately. 

Parvathy on impact of Kaathal The Core, 'Amid thrill of hate, Mammootty leading with love' - Exclusive
Parvathy praises Kaathal The Core

Last Updated: 06.05 PM, Dec 05, 2023


Actor Parvathy, who is waiting for the release of Kadak Singh, has heaped praises on Malayalam superstar Mammootty for his choice of the unconventional film Kaathal The Core. In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, discussed the significance of a star of Mammootty's stature leading films that advocate inclusivity and tolerance for complexity. 

"Hats off to him. The impact he can have by making such films... and you must also mention Jeo Baby's commitment to the kind of movies he's creating. That's where you become a legendary actor. Your choices entirely reflect the impact you want to make in society," Parvathy told OTTplay. 

Directed by Jeo Baby Kaathal The Core stars Mammootty and Jyothika in the lead roles. The film tells the tragic tale of a couple wasting their prime years in an incompatible and unhappy marriage. Mammootty's character, a closeted gay, is compelled to come out after his wife, played by Jyothika, files for divorce.

Parvathy suggested that the cultural impact of Kaathal The Core cannot be fully understood immediately. "We are living in a polarized society, where we are consuming a lot all the time. Some people are consuming more of things that instigate hate. Instigating this belief that some people don't deserve to exist. In a place where people are asserting 'we deserve to live here, you don't deserve a life,' a movie like Kaathal shows us the humanity we must behold," she explained. 

She also rued about the growing trend of weaponising the art of cinema to spread hate and misinformation. "The propaganda films are not something we are blind to. We better not be blind to it. Have some integrity," she added. 


In an ever-evolving cultural space, Parvathy believes that films like Kaathal The Core play a pivotal role in mitigating the damage caused by problematic movies. "At a time when we are all sort of turned into mobs hell-bent on following the thrill and adrenaline of hate, there is somebody who's leading you with love," she noted. 

It's noteworthy that in 2017, Parvathy sparked a major controversy by slamming blatant misogyny in Mammootty's cop film Kasaba. She expressed her disappointment about an influential star like Mammootty being oblivious to the consequences of glorifying sexism through such a powerful medium. 

In recent years, Mammootty has embraced more progressive, inclusive, artistic, and contemporary stories, exploring various facets of the human condition.

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