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Perfect Match episodes 1-4 review: Drama, catfight and… say what!

If you are into reality shows and their drama, this one is a definite treat.

Perfect Match episodes 1-4 review: Drama, catfight and… say what!
Perfect Match.

Last Updated: 08.08 PM, Feb 19, 2023



Various boys and girls enter the show to try and find their perfect match for the night. The ones left behind exit the show. Who will win hearts and whose heart will break? Find out.


Remember the morons from Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind seasons? They are back and this time, they are finding their perfect match.

The infamous Francesca goes first. She doesn’t have a great start but knowing that Damian is going to be a part of the show and she already is in it, there’s sure going to be a lot of spice.

The Circle’s Joey and Nick are next. They are like fire and ice but both with the same intensions. Joey also remembers how he hooked up with Francesca more than once, giving you an idea about what’s coming for them.

Anne-Sophie, from Too Hot To Handle, enters with Ines from The Circle, France. Shayne from Love Is Blind is here to add to the stupidity.

Dom from The Mole and Zay from The Ultimatum are here. Kariselle from Sexy Beasts joins them, leaving Joey excited because he has hooked up with her too. Phew.

Savannah from The Circle has an adorable entry. She’s the friendliest, even to Joey, who is here to hook up and that’s all about it. She’s also the sassiest in the house and that’s worth watching out for.

Of course, Francesca goes ahead and becomes a matchmaker. In the very next scene, she asks if people can see her assets. Yes, welcome Francesca once again.

The obsession for her is real to the extent that it gets creepy. Since there are boys on the show (they can’t be men), how can you expect them not to fight over a girl (she can’t be a woman, either)? So, it begins.

No surprise, Joey finds his match first. Zay and Anne-Sophie have a chemistry and watching them together is beautiful. They end up together but somehow don’t see themselves as a couple.

Shayne does it again. He rubs his pants mid-conversation. Typical. Somehow, he convinces the sophisticated Ines. Again, typical of him. Thankfully, he ends up being a gentleman, eventually.

Dom finally manages to win over Francesca, leaving Nick with nothing. He, however, refuses to give up and steals Francesca from Dom. Nonetheless, Dom and Francesca come as a surprise. They actually bond on a deep level, something the show aimed to do.

Savannah saves Nick from his broken heart. Zay perfectly describes Nick and Savannah gives Nick a warning too.

Joey has a funny moment in the first task. Kariselle finds a new red flag in him, on top of all that she feels for him.

Nick-Savannah and Francseca-Dom compete. The winner is surprising.

‘The Chaotic Cupid’ Nick-Savannah are truly the troublemakers. They are the partners in crime, literally.

Damian from Love Is Blind, James from Too Hot To Handle, Calvin from The Circle and Will from The Mole get an opportunity to be a part of the show. Kariselle and Chase are a match. Damian comes in with Anne-Sophie and the drama begins even before his entry. Somehow, Calvin ends up coming on the show as her match.

Joey finally mans up and takes Chase face-to-face. Thankfully, it’s a mature talk. That changes the whole scenario.

Surprisingly, Ines and Shayne bond like never before. Soon after, the surprises don’t end and it becomes hilarious.

The new couple rules instantly. Soon, the girls and guys have separate conversations. You see the difference instantly.

Chloe, Izzy, Georgia from Too Hot To Handle and Diamond from Love Is Blind have an opportunity to come to the house. Izzy and Georgia come in the house but not without putting Chase and Anne-Sophie in the spot.

Ines finally breaks seeing how Shayne has behaved around her. She looks for new options and is very clear that she wants someone else or an exit from the house.

Thanks to her decision, Shayne gets to work and has revenge on his mind. Thankfully, the girl he tries to get with, already knows him. It doesn’t change a thing.

Coming to revenge, two girls competing do get into a catfight. The fight gets dirty and there are two groups thanks to that.

After revenge, comes time for controversy. Welcome Chase when it comes to controversy. This one is more lost than a kid in a forest.

Francesca describing Nick and Shayne is the best thing throughout the show. In the next moment, they prove her right.

The challenges get fun. However, the ego involved with it, is not. The couple which has been winning hearts since the start is sure to warm you up.

Mitchelle from The Circle, Bartise, Damian from Love Is Blind and Will from The Mole are an option to come into the house. The interesting bit is that Damian was linked to Francesca previously and she gets to pick him. Something similar is the case between Will and Dom. They just didn’t see eye-to-eye.

Ines goes on a date with Bartise. Francesca changes the game. She does the unexpected and leaves Dom heartbroken. This does not come as a surprise for those who know Francesca but since she showed a different side, this sure is a huge surprise.

The upcoming episodes sure bring a lot of surprise and drama. Expect some new twists, ones you probably did not see coming.


Are you one of those who love reality shows and the drama that comes with it? Well, Perfect Match begins slow but gives you exactly that. There’s drama, there’s catfights, there’s ego, there’s making mistakes (and not always learning from them) and much more. The best part? There’s a twist you hoped you didn’t see coming. Welcome to the world of another reality series. If drama and you are the ‘perfect match,’ then this one is tailored for your needs.

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