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Perfect Match episodes 5-8 review: Dom’s unwavering loyalty is the best thing to happen to this series

Things are going to get spicier here on, as if what you already saw isn’t!

Perfect Match episodes 5-8 review: Dom’s unwavering loyalty is the best thing to happen to this series
Perfect Match.

Last Updated: 08.24 PM, Feb 23, 2023



Various celebrities come together in search of their perfect match. Can they find that one person?


Perfect Match commences with the same moment as last time - where Francesca left Dom to give Damian an opportunity at love. They take off where the two left it at Love Is Blind: After The Altar. They have no qualms with one another, which is quite clear with their actions.

Chase shows a new side to him. He comes clean about his side of the story and makes a move nobody can expect.

Ines meets Bartise with high hopes and really wishes he's not a boy but a man. Wish fulfilled? You can guess better. She definitely is put in a tough spot and one that nobody wants to be in.

Seeing them, Nick is happy and hopeful that he can pair with the one he has eyes for - Izzy. Damn, boy. Only if Shayne didn't want her too. The boys actually fight it out for Izzy, who gives them both an equal opportunity. Her decision will make your head spin. With that, welcome another mushy couple after Joey-Kariselle. How long will that last though? Find out.

Francesca's move has Dom heartbroken. He can't even stand in the same space as her and Damian. Did she make the right move? Time to find out. His unwavering loyalty, though, is absolutely heartwarming.

Georgia comes in the picture and it changes the whole game. Francesca’s vibe around her is absolutely expected.

Chloe from Too Hot To Handle and The Circle, Colony from Selling Tampa, Elsie from Love Is Blind and Abbey from TwentySomethings get an opportunity to come to the show. Dom gets an opportunity to go on a date. He is paired with Colony. Shayne and Chloe get paired up which is sure to get interesting.

Joey and Kariselle just take their relationship to the next level. It doesn’t come as a surprise but is still pretty pleasing. And that is even before day 10. Soon after, another couple takes their equation to the next level.

Secrets are spilled into day 10 in the retreat. Shayne and Chloe bond instantly. It’s like she enters the house and behaves like they are a couple since forever.

Bartise gets back to being his own self. Welcome another boy to the show where women hope for a man.

Ines breaks down in front of Chloe. How will she take it? That’s for later. Ines confronts Shayne and it’s a heartwarming one. She has a cute conversation with Bartise soon after, which changes the game.

The new task is here and it’s weird. Just when you think it can’t get creepier, it does.

Shayne and Chloe are so comfortable in their own skin and it shows. She gets flirtatious even in public and it works wonders for them.

Will from The Mole and Mitchelle from The Circle get an opportunity to enter the house. Nick and Zay also might re-enter. Ines is considered with Will but Francesca has a past (the Dom connection) which makes her take a step back. Is Damian too happy with her decision? Find out.

Chloe and Mitchell have dated in the past and so, they are not matched because of the bitter break-up. Georgia, of course, comes up. Francesca thinks that Georgia feels no spark with Dom. Of course, Damian brings up Will for the same reason. Will they go on a date though? Figure out yourself.

Damian and Francesca have a surprise for the group. Chloe, somehow, goes on a date, despite her equation with Shayne. She is here to date Mitchell, again. She breaks down on seeing him. This is the truest test for Shayne and Chloe right here. The way Shayne speaks about the situation, is surprisingly practical. However, his reaction is far from it.

Bartise has matured to an extent. That is clear through some of his actions, not all.

Will is indeed back in the house. Is this Francesca’s revenge on Dom? Sure seems like it. Her actions, especially, prove so.

The next task is here. That too is sure to creep you out but then add to the fun. Soon after, Will and Ines have a moment.

LC and Diamond from Love Is Blind and Abbey from TwentySomethings can be on the show. Anne-Sophie can come back too.

Dom goes back on a date with Diamond. Will has a lot of say in that, which leaves you wondering if he holds personal grudges. Dom seems to think the same thing, especially because he is committed to Georgia. Things get interesting when he names who Diamond should date.

Abbey is the second person to enter the show. There’s a surprise pairing. Wait for it because the twist is something you didn’t see coming.

Dom is suddenly in demand while his pick is Georgia. Ines too goes for him.

With Mitchell’s entry, you can be assured that every person on the show is simply fake. There’s one Dom among 10 players.

There’s an unexpected pairing in the house, once again. This has left the housemates also surprised.

The new task is here and it’s the first sensible one so far, well, for the standards of the show. It is more about trust-building than a couples’ task.

Things are going to spice up pretty soon since some known faces re-enter the house. New challenges await everyone in the house and it’s not necessarily for the best.


The latest episodes of Perfect Match do not even begin to describe crazy. They start off on a slower note but oh my god, do the events take crazy twists and turns! In fact, there’s more to look out for, pretty soon.

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